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A quiz! (Just how ignorant are the attacks on Planned Parenthood?)

Find out here.

This has a naughty word in it.

But it’s for a good cause.

And thanks, Cynical, for the link.

We need Pussy Riots here.

So says Susie Madrak at Crooks and Liars. She writes:

Instead of solidarity protests, I’d like to see feminists, anarchists, Occupiers and everyone else pouring into the churches, because they’re a major source of our regressive politics.

It will probably won’t happen here, but I wish it would. Because when churches get in bed with the right wing, you have to attack it at the root.

A quiz!

See how much you know about women.

Leave Gabby’s hair alone

For all kinds of reasons I don’t understand, the Interwebs have been burning up over Olympic darling Gabby Douglas’s hair. (Go to Google, type in “Gabby Douglas,” and the Google Gods helpfully add “hair” to the end of that. Sad to know even the Google Gods objectify.)

If you’ve been watching the Olympics — and I have been, obsessively, in a way that’s starting to worry me — you know that Gabby is a gymnastics phenom who defies gravity. She has a killer smile, and she is African American, and somewhere in the manual that means we all get to comment on her hair. I haven’t posted on this because the discussion seemed too stupid for color television, but here: Read what Krissah Thompson has to say at the Washington Post and then, if you feel the urge to comment on anything but Gabby Douglas’s spirit, charm and athleticism, teach yourself this song:

Well, THIS bites it.

If all Olympic photos were like women’s beach volleyball photos:

They would look like this.

I played volleyball — a lot — and I don’t understand why the uniforms are such a focus. Yes, they’re scanty (I don’t understand that, either), but Olympic male swimmers wear Speedos, after all, and you generally don’t see their body parts singled out and photographed separately by the press.