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Walmart’s march to the sea

Watch how Walmart takes over the country, right here.

Come see The Naked Truth at Charter Oak Cultural Center

Hartford 2020 is proud to cosponsor The Naked Truth, a panel discussion on strip searches, airport Xrays, and the search for safety after 9/11/01.

I hope you can come.

What is wrong with us?

A New York shooting has left 10 wounded and two dead — including, say some news reports, the assailant.

Will this be our opportunity to talk about gun violence? Or will we squander this opportunity, too?

How sad and weird and internet-y

At the risk of sharing proprietary information, this blog draws anywhere from 600 to 1,000 hits during the week, and significantly less than that on the weekend, when I don’t update it.

As I’m not selling ads, the numbers are more like a “How ’bout that,” but this weekend, I logged on to check for comments, and found that the day before, a Saturday, the blog had attracted four shy of 5,000 hits, and on Sunday, it did even better, with 5,895, and on Monday? Just a few less than that.

Things are pretty much back to normal, but do you know what drove those hits? This photo:

And this not terribly-well-written post (let’s be honest).

See, I forgot, in my mania to only write about stuff I care about, how very quickly the Interwebs will beat a path to your door if you show women-wearing-not-much. In my earlier incarnation, during the ’08 presidential race, all you had to do was mention “Sarah Palin,” and you could count on her supporters and her detractors commenting in equal numbers. (So that fake photo of the former Republican vice presidential candidate posed in a bathing suit and holding a rifle? Myst have cleaned up on blogs that ran it. I can’t remember that I did. If I did, I apologize. Did I mention it was fake?)

Anyway. As fabulous is the attention (not really), I’m glad we’re back to as normal as we’re going to get here at DJ Central. Phew!

I’m going to live forever

And you can, too.

Not really. Every year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases death data. You can read more here: nvsr60_04

Your take away? Eat more almonds.

And thanks, DickG., for the link.

Here’s a new twist on the gun debate:

Disarm cops, too.

How to keep your local troll under the bridge

We here at Dating Jesus have had our share of trolls — disruptive, rude, and often shockingly ignorant people who serve no purpose other than to disrupt the conversation.

A troll is not necessarily someone who disagrees with you. I like a healthy argument/discussion. A troll is someone who picks fights for no reason other than they have nothing else to do.

And thanks, Leftover, for this primer.

And with that, I bid you a fond farewell for the weekend. Hope it’s a good one, and see you on Monday.