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Hey! Tampa has a Romneyville!

And city officials aren’t going to kick them out, come the Republican National Convention.

Happy almost-birthday, Occupy movement

There’s something planned for the one-year anniversary.

So. Locally, what would you occupy?

What the heck has the Occupy movement done so far?

Click here and find out.

Occupy’s next frontier:

Foreclosed homes, says Salon.

To read more about Occupy Goes Home, go here. The cool thing is they can raid encampments, but they can’t stop the movement. Sitting in the pews at Fourth and Forest church of Christ, we would be reminded by speaker after speaker that the church wasn’t the building, but the people. Rock on.

Since this is a democratic movement, what do you think the next frontier should be?

This is what democracy looks like

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Keep smiling

Pepper spray art!

Imagine this as your legacy…And thanks, Cynical and Chris.

Today, Hartford’s protesters who were arrested last Thursday are going to court

They’re due in community court at 9 a.m. and I’m going because I love to watch democracy (and our court system) in action. Onward!

This is what democracy looks like?

About 12 protesters out of roughly 100 or so agreed to be arrested at Hartford’s part in the International Day of Action today. In a cold drizzle, the protesters marched from Aetna’s corporate headquarters on Farmington, down Flower St., around the Courant, and up Broad, where they stood near the Courant’s front door and chanted.

Police stood by as the protesters who’d volunteered to be arrested walked by and went to sit cross-legged at the onramp to I-84. The road — a major escape route for Hartford commuters — was closed for roughly an hour, but it was the single most genteel protest I’ve ever attended, with a lot of “pleases” and “thank yous” on both sides. At one point, the protesters even chanted in favor of the police (“HPD is the 99%”), which made the officer I was standing by smile.

In fact, when it was over, that officer said, “It’s nice when it works out.”

UPDATE: All 12 of the arrested protesters were released by 8 p.m. and they all have a court date on Monday, says Matt O’Connor, of SEIU, one of the organizers of today’s protest. Onward.

Another completely unscientific poll!