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Mess with Social Security and you mess with a bunch of women

What War on Women, you ask? From Laura Barbato at Ms. Magazine’s blog:

During the 1930s, the decade in which it was devised, at least half of American senior citizens lived in poverty; today, that percentage has dwindled to about 9 percent.

You have Frances Perkins, the first woman Secretary of Labor (actually the first woman to hold any Cabinet post), to thank for that.

Well, THIS bites it.

Ladies? What does Obamacare mean for you, really?

I have a new monthly column at Connecticut Health I-Team. You can read it here.

Girls? Feel the tingle?

As of today, a host of preventive healthcare services for women should be offered without cost, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, those services include:

  • Well-woman visits.
  • Gestational diabetes screening that helps protect pregnant women from one of the most serious pregnancy-related diseases.
  • Domestic and interpersonal violence screening and counseling.
  • FDA-approved contraceptive methods, and contraceptive education and counseling.
  • Breastfeeding support, supplies, and counseling.
  • HPV DNA testing, for women 30 or older.
  • Sexually transmitted infections counseling for sexually-active women.
  • HIV screening and counseling for sexually-active women.

Look around you. Do you see American society crumbling? No. You do not. To find out when you will begin receiving coverage for the women’s preventive services without cost sharing, go here.

And thanks, Leftover for that link.

From a wise 8-year old:

You can read more here.

Well, THIS stinks.

You can read more about The Commonwealth Fund report here.

I just wrote about this for C-HIT. I’ll let you know when it runs.

Helaine Olen at Forbes…

…read this from the New York Times’ David Brooks, and fired back rather nicely don’t you think? Olen took special offense at Brooks’ notion that:

Affluent, intelligent people are now more likely to marry other energetic, intelligent people. They raise energetic, intelligent kids in self-segregated, cultural ghettoes where they know little about and have less influence upon people who do not share their blessings.

Imagine blaming women for income inequality. Where do these guys come up with this twaddle?

And thanks, Leftover, for the link.

Sexism: It’s not just for women

Read Ozy Frantz and Noah Brand at AlterNet, who write:

We live in a sexist society, one where gender programming starts at birth (though the advent of the sonogram has allowed parents to get a head start by painting the nursery pink or blue and stocking up in advance on gendered toys and clothes) and is so pervasive as to be inescapable. Feminism has done an excellent job analyzing and challenging the ways that these assigned and enforced gender roles damage and deform the lives of women. The same tools of analysis can be applied to the damage and deformation that men suffer. And that damage, sad to say, is severe.

Ladies? What can Obamacare do for you?

Why, here‘s a handy-dandy list!

And you’re welcome.