Whither “postfeminism?”

rrThere it is again, that troublesome word, in a preview of a magazine story about “postfeminist sexologists.”

I am 50 next birthday. I haven’t the energy to explore “sexologists,” but I am plenty rested enough to explore “postfeminist,” especially since I have also recently read it applied to Michelle Obama, our new First Lady — another loaded phrase if ever there was one.

If we are going to start tossing around this word, does this mean that feminism has accomplished its goal? Because if so, I didn’t get the memo.

“Postfeminist” is a jejune (a word I heard on the radio today and have been dying to use since) way of viewing the world. Tell Lilly Ledbetter we are living in a postfeminist world. In 2007, Ledbetter was told by the Supreme Court that she didn’t point out wage discrimination at her Alabama Goodyear plant quickly enough to garner any damages. The decision was wrong, but fortunately, the Senate just passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and Pres. Obama is expected to sign it.

Unfortunately, Connecticut’s Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro’s pay equity bill may be pushed to the side in favor of getting the Ledbetter Act passed into law. That’s unfortunate, as women still earn roughly 78 cents for every dollar earned by men working the same job.

Still. If we are in a postfeminist world, may we all have our back pay please? Thanks, much.

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  1. Of COURSE Michelle’s a post-feminist! After all, she’s pretty and married so, y’know, she Got Her Man and she doesn’t have to work any more, so she has nothing to be angry about. Right?

    1. I don’t want to delve deeply into this, but do you think a sexologist gets paid a lot? And do you think male and female sexologists get paid equally? Just wondering.

  2. Jejune is a great word and this is a great post! I loathe the word post-feminist… P.S. If you happen to know where I can get the back-pay for all those summers where I lifeguarded and made $1.50 less an hour than my equally inexperienced male counterparts, send the pay my way ;-)

    1. The readers of this blog are incredibly wealthy AND incredibly generous. Everyone? Send Allison some money, ‘k? Thanks!

  3. For information on careers in sexology, you might start with http://www.sexscience.org/uploads/media/ed_ops-bkgd.htm . (Clearly I work in higher education.)

    I don’t remember a memo for sure, but I seem to recall that Harriet Myers might have declared feminism to be over. Or, it most likely was Phyllis Schlafly when she received her honorary degree from Washington U.

    However, would this be the memo declaring us to the be in the Post-Racial era?

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