I’m in the Globes!

82251177Both Boston’s and Joplin’s. “Dating Jesus” got a mention in Shelf Life in The Boston Globe, and the first paper I ever worked for, The Joplin Globe, has a story in today about “Dating Jesus.” The reporter there, Scott Meeker, asked really good questions (he’s a former Nazarene), and I actually forgot I was being interviewed, which can be dangerous.

O.K. Enough about me. The great thing about getting attention for this book and then getting the big-head and stuff is that in about 10 minutes, someone in my house is going to remind me what a chowderhead I am, or the toilet will overflow, or the vomiting cat (who in his old age has reduced his activities to basically that) will strike and I will be back on earth with the rest of the mortals. Onward!

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