Just say no to abstinence only

85258966Lynne Gillooly says that the Republican Party has to come up with something better than telling its fertile (unmarried) adherents to keep it in their pants (or keep their legs crossed).

Abstinence-only programs don’t work. Telling young people (the target market for sex education programs) that they should delay or forego sex is part of a comprehensive sex education program, but only part. If the goal on both sides of the political aisle is to reduce abortions, we have to do more. That’s more education, more birth control, more job opportunities.

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  1. One could say that those abstinence-only programs don’t work because God didn’t design us to be abstinent. He gave teens a sex drive and it takes “practice” to learn how to control that. I wonder if ultra-conservatives consider that. I can’t understand why teen pregnancies are such a shock to some people when birth control is not available. No one wants unmarried teens to have babies, but I think its time for ALL of us grown-ups to accept reality.

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