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  1. You know, as a white man in America, I sure do feel oppressed. I mean, did you know that only 43 of our Presidents have been white men? And our current President isn’t! It’s rough being so persecuted.

    Look at our corporate CEO’s! Probably not more than 90% of them are white men!

    It’s tough knowing that I’ll be so terribly picked on for this. And further proof: I know I won’t get called for the Supreme Court job. It surely has nothing to do with the fact that I changed majors from Pre-Law to Economics in college, never practiced law, and don’t even have a Master’s. I’m just being held down for being a white man.

    Thanks for bringing up this important issue.

    1. Well, imagine how left out I feel. If Pres. Obama is, in fact, looking for a woman judge, I know I’ll be overlooked, and it won’t be because I was never even pre-law, and the only time I’ve been in court was when I was charged with something, and I’ve goofed around in newsrooms all my life and don’t have that analytic a mind. I think he’s ignoring me because I am a card-carrying hillbilly and I’m tired of The Man keeping me down. Thank you, Wickle.

  2. I practice law all the time…sometimes I even write law and I’ll never be picked. ..but not because I’m a white male, but because i’m loud, joyful, cynical, and don’t do a good a job not saying what I think.

    And of course, the lack of a law degree is probably problematic as well.

    1. If you had it to do over, would you get a law degree? Because sometimes, I think I would have. If I had it to do over. That, and I’ve fly in a spaceship.

      1. No…I made conscious decisions to slack my way through AND engage in disciplines that required critical thinking and not simple regurgitation.

        Now, I have thought about doing it now…and a couple years ago was thinking med school as a possibility. There is a crying need for docs in Appalachia, also physician assistants and nurses. But, I decided its better that I keep working to expand higher ed in the state.

        1. Oh, definitely. I still think law school would have been a hoot, plus, given my cofC training, I’m quite good at both memorization and regurgitation. I say that with love.

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