Hey, baby! Want to get lucky?

That’s a dim attempt at what Indians call “eve-teasing,” or street harassment, where people (mostly men, let’s be honest) yell stupid things at other people (mostly women).

Some area colleges have reacted by restricting the kinds of clothes their female students can wear, to which Blank Noise responds:

1. it is not only the jeans wearing women who get violated and harassed on the street

2. women across age groups. body types. clothes, socio economic groups have been ‘teased’, attacked, assaulted, intimidated by random male strangers in their cities.

3. a garment may seem inappropriate to another stranger but no one ‘asks for it’ or deserves to be violated.

4. blaming survivors of harassment has been an age old way problematic solution. to counter that- we ask you to walk the streets of your cities without apology.

They’re collecting photos of the clothing women were wearing when they were harassed — like the garment above.  And they encourage all women to walk down the street without apology.


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