Hey! I’m on the radio!

CAMPBELL-DatingJesus_new_02Well, at least, tomorrow at 9 a.m. I am, on WNPR.

You can listesn to it here. Scroll down to “Where We Live.” It’s a repeat and if you miss it a second time, you jeopardize your shot at eternal life in heaven.

I made that up, that last part. But I really am on the radio.

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  1. Recorded, eh? If we can’t call in and harass you, do we have to listen?

    1. Recorded yes. You make an excellent point. If you feel the need to heckle, I shall be online at the time and you can heckle away.

    1. I don’t even know. I know you can listen online just about any time after tomorrow, though it is a rebroadcast. What I”m trying to do with my answer here is fake like I know the answer to your question. I saw the link to your blog, and thank you for your kind words, by the way. Everyone run over and see Songbird’s blog.

  2. You’re welcome! Your book is marvelous. I am a former little Southern Baptist girl from Virginia who grew up to be a leftist United Church of Christ preacher woman. Glad to find your blog!

    1. Well, you are kind, and thank you. I got from your blog that you’d fallen away from your One True Church and were now a lefty with an assurance of a place in hell’s fire.

      That’s what passes for humor on this blog. I didn’t know much about the Congregational church until I moved to Connecticut, but now? I’m a fan. Was it a long walk from your Southern Baptist church to a place where God Is Still Speaking?

  3. Heard the broadcast for the second time and soaked up every second of it again. I’m with the guy that wanted to have two drinks with you! Was married to an evangelical almost fundamentalist now-pastor whose misogyny galvanized my feminism (ok, maybe it didn’t help that I read The Women’s Room cover-to-cover on our honeymoon either). Still have that knife blade that broke off inside me that I’ve managed to heal over, for sure. You know, that makes me have to keep telling myself that I’m not going to be burned up on earth while all my old friends are raptured? I was Phi Beta Kappa with 2 graduate degrees but still am trying to purge myself of fundamentalist poison at the same time I’m thankful for what it gave me as a child. You captured that ambivalence of reason and fear so well. Thank you.

    1. Why thank you. In person, I’m not nearly so charming, but thank you. And I can tell you for sure that comes the rapture (which my church didn’t believe in, anyway), you won’t be burned up. That’s a scare tactic and it’s a really mean one. And rock on with your reading material! One of these days, we’re all going to have to have to get together and have a big ol’ healing service. Can’t hurt. Might help.

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