Give up your idea of a jet pack


And a flying car, too. You were lied to. The future’s not going to be nearly as cool as you were promised.

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12 responses to “Give up your idea of a jet pack

  1. If you’d read the second Harry Potter book, you’d know about a thrilling adventure in a flying car. OH, YOU HAVEN’T READ HP, YOU SAY?!

    (No, I’m totally not going to stop.)

    • But you must because I have oppositional personality disorder and if you tell me to do something, I won’t. I think I made that disorder up.

      • Okay, then I forbid you to read Harry Potter. Don’t make me come over there. Holy shit, lightning. REALLY, don’t make me.

      • Oh, there’s one called oppositional defiance disorder. One of my college professors had it on a list of potential disorders she thought I might have. And seriously? No HP? What’s wrong with you?

        • I have OPD, which is something I thought I’d made up to explain my lousy attitude. Maybe I fear I’ll read it and be in a cult and then go to hell.

          • Oh you will, you will be under the control of the witchcraft and your path will suddenly be leading you straight down. But it’s worth it.

          • You know, you really don’t want to go around saying you have a personality disorder. It’s a really harsh, life-changing sentence for someone who actually has one. It means there’s something wrong with you and it will never get better, and you’ll need therapy/meds the rest of your life, and even with that, you might still lead a really messed up life because of your personality anyway.

            /Psych minor mode

    • I’ve never read Harry Potter. Seen some films, but never cracked a book. But I can go two better than that. I’m one of the three people on the planet that has never seen ET. And I don’t own a cell phone.
      And I was not at Woodstock. At least I think I wasn’t at Woodstock. It was a very….long year.

      • Don’t tell Kickable you haven’t read HP. It’ll become a mission for her to get you to read it. ET I get. Woodstock, I get. But no cell phone? Are you not an Amurican?

  2. I must be an Amerikan.
    There’s no wireless at The Hotel Occidental.

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