Gen Y on being an American

Artist Sheila Pree Bright interviewed Gen Y Americans (Including a guy from Hartford! Wahoo! Sal-ute!) on what that means, “American.”

5 responses to “Gen Y on being an American

  1. How things have changed.
    I wonder how the kids at Woodstock would have responded. What would they say now? (Back then, if you wrapped yourself up in an American Flag, in most jurisdictions, you could wind up in jail…..if you were lucky.)

    The artist’s web page kept crashing on my Mac so I wasn’t able to get a good look at the exhibit. I’m wondering if people from that same “gen y” find her choices to be representative of their generation.

    • Good question. As I’m two generations away, I thought it interesting, but have no idea if its representational.

  2. I sure hope it doesn’t represent my generation. As a military member, I know the respect that the flag should be given, and this kind of sickened me…

  3. OH, OH, ASK ME!

    *clears throat and sits up straight, posing as the representation of all Generation Y’ers everywhere, ha*

    HOKAY. So, I actually liked this a lot. Some of the photos were absolutely gorgeous. As someone who grew up the daughter of a veteran, and as someone who was in 4-H, I was slightly horrified at the way the flag was handled. But there was an artistic reason behind it. They weren’t just doing this out of ignorance or disrespect. They were letting the flag touch the floor and wearing the flag to show how much respect they DID have for America and all that it represents. I liked the way this woman showed how many different things America can mean to people in her photos. I can think of many people for whom the things I noticed were representative–Socialists, gay people, soldiers, immigrants, pro-military people, etc. As for me, I’m not sure what my pose would be. The thing about America is that there are possibilities still.

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