Got milk?


Evidently, Vitamin D plays a greater role in mental health than we might think.


20 responses to “Got milk?

  1. I worked nights for about 4 years. I started getting sick all the time, had trouble sleeping and just wasn’t my usual…..charming….(yeah, we’ll go with charming) self. After getting to a doctor he told me to stop working nights. He also prescribed a quart of milk midday and as much sun as I could handle. I got a job in landscaping and by fall I felt much more balanced. Much easier to stay in control. (It’s an issue.) And sleep came much easier.
    I still drink the quart midday with lunch, not to mention as many lattes as I can rationalize in a day. My landscaping days are over, but I still get outside every day. I’ll never work nights again.
    One of the things the doctor talked about was serotonin as well as overall vitamin balance.
    I wonder if steamed milk loses any of it’s Vitamin D benefit?

    • In hindsight it does make sense to have more Vitamin D and sunlight. That would make one feel better, right? And working at night is like living in a cave. I’ve done it. I wasn’t successful at it, either.

      • Sunlight is good. Sunburn is bad.
        I don’t “sunbathe.” I just get out and walk around for an hour or so. It’s actually part of my PT right now.
        If i go too many days without the outdoor exercise, I can tell the difference. I smoke more. Throw Peeps at the TV.
        It can get ugly.

    • Yup. If you’re not getting enough sleep, the serotonin in your brain–the “depression chemical”–becomes reduced, and you become depressed. One of the reasons symptoms of depression include insomnia and hypersomnia.

  2. You’ve convinced me that I have a severe vitamon D deficiency and the cure must be to find a sunny place (not here-too rainy & cloudy). Do you think my health insurance might cover a trip to the place on the beach in the photo shown in the post above? I think it may save me from having to seek more intensive health care over time.

    • Yes, I think they will cover that. And if you need a note from your doctor, ask Dr. Leftover.

      • I don’t know.
        Dr. Leftover usually sends insurance companies into denial mode.
        Which may require some help from Dr. Leftover Esq.

  3. A hammock at the lake, dappled sunlight and the occasional gentle sway, and a good book in hand till you drift off. I have just the place in the Berkshires, we love guests!!!

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