She has a tummy!

vThe woman on page 194 of a recent “Glamour” magazine has a belly — she’s normal, in other words — and we can’t stop talking about her.

More here. And here. What does it say about the state of our shapes when we go ga-ga over a woman with a teeny bit of meat on her?


15 responses to “She has a tummy!

  1. When I first saw this story the thing that ticked me off the most was that she was called a “plus-size.” A size 12-14 is a plus size. To some people.

  2. A tummy and she’s still beautiful!

    They should show more “middle-aged, after she’s had a few kids tummies”, too. Do we have to convince men or women or both, that those tummies are beautiful, I wonder?

  3. Because all the women that are excited are also saying to themselves: Hey! Maybe somebody will think I’m sexy now!

    Of course, then are those of us who look at this picture and think, “She’s still way to skinny to be considered really sexy.”

    • Humphrey, I believe you just earned major points. Congratulations.

      • Thanks, but I am not interested in points. I simply like women that look like women…that does not mean I don’t appreciate women athletes, far from it. However, my preference for sex appeal tends to go more towards voluptuous (which, if you browse enough personal ads, you learn has different meanings depending upon the poster) .

  4. Looks like photoshop passed by :-)

  5. What we need to do is point that internal beauty is what is important. I have noticed thru the years that men may flirt with the woman with a physical body rating of “10” but they don’t like her if she has a low internal beauty rating. At the same time they like a woman who has a high internal beauty rating even if she has a low physical beauty because of a belly or overweight or other factors. In fact she will be the one at work that they have a freind relationship with over the physical beauty that has a low internal beauty.
    In a marriage a “10” cannot keep a man happy no matter how sexy she is physically if she flunks out internally. In fact she won’t be sexy to him very long.
    My wife no longer weighs as little as she did when we were married and definitely has more belly. But she is still beautiful and sexy because she is beautiful inside and she is the one I love and has the body I love.
    We just returned from a early anniversary trip–early because I needed to work tomorrow which is our 48th. {She was very sexy in the outfit she bought just for me}

    • Happy Anniversary to you and your bride, David! What a beautiful thing to say about your wife, too.

      If all spouses felt as you do, the divorce lawyers would be out of business!

    • 48? YEARS???? Bro. David, no one stays married 48 years. O.K. I kid. I hope you have a big ol’ blast planned for your 50th. Congratulations!

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