One way to avoid the stubble on a preacher’s face?

vIs to hire more women clergy.

What’s up with the beards on (male) evangelical leaders? asks John D. Boy at Killing the Buddha.

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  1. Consider also the cult of hair “styling” on the heads of the previous generation of evangelical “stars.”

    1. What we used to call “deacon hair,” with hair sprayed so much you could crack a walnut with it.

      1. I HATE these little beards. If you’re going to shave, then shave. If you’re going to keep a beard, then keep a beard (fairly neatly, please). But the link suggested that not shaving saved more time for more important duties, and these little designer beards take more time to get just…..right. Ick.

                1. That’s very kind of you. Do you think you get to sit by your friends in hell? Or, because it’s hell, you’ll get stuck sitting by people you don’t like, and who don’t like you?

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