Turn the other cheek or…

v…rip ’em a new one?

Or somewhere in between?

The White House is considering just how much it will “call you out” if you speak untruths about health care reform, as Pres. Obama warned would happen in his speech last week.

(Evidently, as reported in the Post article, eye-rolling in private isn’t enough.)

DJers? Let’s glean a lesson from this, if we can. As I fight every single battle employing the family motto “See the hill, take the hill,” I am asking for myself as much as for the White House (the denizens of which, chances are, don’t read this blog, anyway): When someone says something false about you, how many times do you turn the other cheek?


4 responses to “Turn the other cheek or…

  1. Rarely, I must confess.
    That’s where I always got into trouble with Jesus. That “quiet dignity” stuff. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    • I would not know. I’m not proud of that, but I don’t remember a single time I ever resorted to quiet dignity if I felt I was betrayed, hurt, lied to, etc. Or if I felt someone I loved was betrayed, etc. Just call me a yard dog on a short chain. Age should mellow me some. I sit and watch political debates and scream out to the politician I support, when the opponent shows his/her white underbelly “Move in! Move in!” and then am frustrated when they don’t.

      I should probably go back and read the text a little more, hmm… and I should probably vow never again to eat jelly on toast while typing, as that makes the keys sticky.

  2. Well, this will make for interesting Washington dialogue. Not business as usual!

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