Save the boobs!

Made you look.

If we’re going to objectify the female body, anyway, how about doing it for a good cause, asks Feminist Philosophers. And I am — as I so often am — firmly of two minds about this.

1. If this public service campaign gets one young woman to pay attention to her risk of breast cancer, so be it.

2. When, o Lord, will we not objectify the female body? Really? Never? O.K. Good to know, I guess.

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    1. Yes! Porno for Christians!!!! (I kid, but I remember we once tried to engage a Sunday school teacher in a discussion about the kisses and the wine and the gazelle, and he just kind of begged off — which, of course, was a signal for all of us to delve into the book deeper. And I don’t have a next sermon on the docket. But thanks for the suggestion.

      1. Eliza Gilkyson took part of the Song of Solomon and made a delicious song out of it. I can’t find her doing it, but here’s Joan Baez doing the song (I don’t like it as much as Eliza’s version, but oh well….):

  1. I was not thinking about breast cancer when I watched this. I wondered why I wasn’t blessed with breasts like that, I wondered why there weren’t hot guys in the video, I wondered why those guys were dressed all alike, and I wondered if that guy was going to drop his sandwich in the pool and was the booby woman going to jump in on top of that guy in the intertube….yup I didn’t think of breast cancer once. So, I guess that’s why I think it’s a lousy excuse of a public awareness message for breast cancer.

    Do you really think anyone would dare to make an awareness message for prostate cancer by having a guy in a speedo walking through a crowd with bounce? I don’t think so.

      1. Well, maybe that wasn’t a fair comparison. It just occurred to me that guys in Speedos creep me out unless we’re talking about Olympic swimmers like Michael Phelps. Still, you know know what I mean.

    1. But, it got your attention, right? I tend to zone out on other PSAs. It got my attention and once the message came up I was reminded to check myself.
      Also, male anatomy just ain’t pretty. I don’t think it’s societal either. I think the female figure is just way nicer to look at. And I’m straight.
      And you’re right, the speedo thing would be creepy. I think it’s because that part of the male body has been used for violence, boobs never have. I have never seen a pair of boobs and wondered what the owner was thinking in regards to her boobs and what she might try to do with them. Can’t say the same about the penis.

      1. That could be the subject of a blog entry, but I haven’t the heart to go there: Is the penis pretty?

      2. My mind went off in a different direction. I started thinking about the sandwich falling in the pool and then realized I should go clean the kitchen.

        You’re right though…at least from a woman’s perspective. Men’s naughty bits can be a little threatening to woman. I wonder how men feel about that, though.

        1. I don’t need the hits on this website that badly. Normally, I’d be all about taking you up on the dare.

          1. Oh! I never thought about that. So people find a blog based on a post title? I give you a pass on that dare!

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