Vast, right-wing conspiracies make me nervous.

Former Pres. Clinton has been talking about a concerted effort on the part of the right to thwart just about everything — echoing the phenomenon then-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton said plagued his administration in the ’90s.

(Of course, no conspirasists — if that’s not a word, it should be — arranged to involve former Pres. Clinton in an extramarital affair; that was his own doing. But for a time there, the shouting class did seem overheated about all things Clinton — both Bill and Hillary.)

Former Pres. Clinton says the same thing is happening now with Pres. Barack Obama in the form of the tea partiers, the birthers, and the like. But he says the country is not necessarily buying the rhetoric from the extreme right.

I don’t know. A conspiracy? I think it’s dangerous and damaging to label everyone at those meetings part of a conspiracy. I do think some of the people there are faking it — or are whipped into a frenzy by sources who have a financial interest in getting those people into a frenzy — but a conspiracy sounds…overheated? to me. Maybe it’s because I’m from those people who worry about the size of their government — legitimately so, and they do so while knowing that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, and without throwing socialism around like it’s a fait accompli. In other words, they’ve given thoughtful attention to the state of their nation, and they’re concerned. They’re not nutjobs. I disagree vehemently with their politics — loudly so — and will stay in a conversation long past the time when most would have given it up for lost, but I wouldn’t call them nutjobs. Just wrong.

Your thoughts? Had any political arguments lately with a reasoned person who disagreed with you but who didn’t frighten you?


4 responses to “Vast, right-wing conspiracies make me nervous.

  1. The “vast right wing conspiracy” is the excuse Wild Bill likes to tout when confronting his personal and political failures.
    The “vast right wing conspiracy” exists in the same plane of consciousness where fellatio is not a sex act.
    It’s rather troubling to see Wild Bill whip out the twenty year old smoke while Obama lobbies The Congressional Black Caucus for reform at any cost.
    Is this a prelude to Apology and Rationalization?
    Meanwhile, the MSM continues to ignore Single Payer Activism.

    I have political disagreements with reasonable people every day. It’s not hard to find in the Way Out Left.
    I’ve known one of my housemates for thirty years. We disagree on just about everything political. We find common ground in Hope. (I think his is misplaced. He thinks mine is unrealistic.) But we still love each other.
    And, he says, we agree on one other thing:
    The only real right wing conspiracy is ignorance.
    I’ll go for that.

  2. I’ll let you know when I find someone, ANYONE, on the right who doesn’t watch O’Reilly or Beck. I don’t watch Keith, it’s only fair. But if you (not *you*) are willing to get your truth from those sources, we will never be able to have a real conversation.
    I think it takes some looking into when the “ignorant” all have the same signs, is there something going on behind the scenes. I’m not sure there is but it’s worth looking at. When you hear everyday Americans using the talking points of the insurance companies, don’t you wonder how that happened?

    • I don’t watch Keith — or Rachel — either. I probably agree with most of what they say, but I can whip myself into my own frenzy, thanks. I guess I have high standards for using the word “conspiracy.” I think it’s more ignorance and some people’s contenment in checking only one source that gets my attention.

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