Can someone define the “gay agenda?”

vBecause Focus on the Family recently said that Alabama’s Student Harassment Prevention Act — which goes into effect tomorrow — opens the door for the “gay agenda.”

I guess that means FOTF wants to let bullies beat up homosexuals? Help me out here. And why in their call to arms would they put “diversity” in “quotation marks?”

I’m straight. God made me that way. But if there’s a gay agenda, could someone — gay or straight — tell me what it is? Is it similar to the feminist one, where we feminist meet in secret and plot ways to flip your children to our side? Because I have several gay and lesbian friends and if they’re meeting in secret and not inviting me, well, I’m hurt.

And thanks, Right Wing Watch, for the link.


12 responses to “Can someone define the “gay agenda?”

  1. Damn it, we’re going to start having to invite straighties to our orgies . . .

  2. “I’m straight. God made me that way.”

    Good grief, DJ. You make it sound like a heavenly assembly line.

    • That wasn’t very poetic, was it? I am not privy to the process, nor to exactly where I fall on the Kinsey scale, but I like men.

  3. I wonder how the antigay-agenda brigade feels about the notion that gayness is simply a quality control problem.

    Oh, I forgot. Gays choose to be gay, and can be “cured.” I believe that is the party line, right?

    • Hey now. Some of those straight chicks on the far right can damn well turn you off the poon. Case in point: Barbara Bush, whose bush I never, ever want to see, and now that I’ve written that, can’t stop picturing.


    • I believe you’re right. That is the party line.

    • Yeah, that’s the party line. Who WOULDN’T choose to be disinherited, disliked, hated, disapproved of, beaten, denied housing, denied employment, killed? I mean it’s all SO inviting, isn’t it?

      That “choice” claim just boggles me.

  4. So happens I was in the Alabama state capitol building this morning, but on another matter.

    Glad to see you posting this. Alabama isn’t too bad, sometimes.

    • Listen, Kick and I have this thing when we read about something awful. We look at the dateline. I am pleased when it’s not from Missouri; she does a jig if it isn’t Arkansas. Neither of our home states are bad through and through but there are times when I wonder if Missouri is ever going to turn its clocks to the present. I say that with love.

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