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I defy you…

v…to find a bigger treehouse in the whole, entire world.

It has a penthouse and a basektball court and a sanctuary, and it’s divinely inspired (thereby giving us here at DJ Central the thin thread by which to attach ourselves to it).

And somewhere in there, it has a tree.

And be sure to visit Zuzu for more pictures.

Ever hear this kind of talk?

Ever engage in it yourself?

And do you believe that all women bemoan their bodies? Or are there any out there who are comfortable in their own skin? And does this kind of talk ever come from men? Ever?


What are you going to do with your extra hour?

We turn the clocks back at 2 a.m. It’s the end of daylight savings time!

Modern-day daylight savings time was the brainchild of New Zealander George Vernon Hudson.

I’m guessing, since I know me, that I won’t stay up until 2 to officially turn the clocks. And I think I’ll spend the extra 60 minutes sleeping. Whee! Just another crazy weekend in my ultra-cosmopolitan life.

O.K. I just read the NY Times’ piece on the Obama marriage

vIt came in my Saturday paper, as did other Sunday sections delivered a day early. You can read it for yourself here.

I appreciate that the Obamas’ approach to their union seems real, that they have their disagreements, that Michelle Obama didn’t plan on a life in politics, that they’ve had low points. I also like that they seem to genuinely like one another. The article is not as treacly as  I thought it might be.

This, by the fabulous Vanessa Richmond at AlterNet (I’m starting to look for her stuff), talks about the six marriage myths shattered by the First Couple’s union — or, at least, the Times’ portrayal of it.

I am particularly intrigued by Richmond’s Nos. 1 (if you’re in love all your dreams will come true) and 3 (when you’re married, you become one person). I think some of us — and I’m not saying any one within the ping of this blog — place too much responsibility on our spouses. I may have done that a bit in my first marriage, and for that I am heartily sorry.

And none of us benefits by two becoming one, at least, not by my definition of that phrase.

But perhaps you disagree. Married or not, do you see the benefits in two-becoming-one? Or maybe the writer of that original verse was talking about sex in particular? Beats me. But I applaud Michelle Obama for not attending every speech given by her husband. Three times hearing the thing, and only the most proficient of actors could still look interested…

More on that awful gang rape

A friend of the 15-year-old gang rape victim at Richmond High School blasted officials and police for their lack of concern on the night of the incident. The young woman was gang-raped by a group of men and boys in an ordeal that lasted two hours. Her rape was reportedly recorded on cellphone cameras and sent out to others. No one reported the crime, which has stunned this northern California community.

More on the suspects here. Somehow the fact that they were bullet-proof vests to the arraignment does not call forth sympathy from me.

More on Kami Baker, here.

And thanks, Newser, for the link.

Are the psychologists at Gitmo complicit?

A lawsuit seeks to compel the Louisiana board responsible for licensing psychologists to investigate the actions of a Louisana-based psychologist involved in Guantanamo Bay interogations. The psychologist also served at Abu Ghraib.

From the Truthout article, allegations of abuse from the tenure of retired Army colonel and psychologist Dr. Larry C. James include:

beatings, religious and sexual humiliation, rape threats and painful body positions.

Obviously, James was not the only psychologist or medical professional involved in the decision-making or actual carrying-out of the torture. But it’s a start.

James asserts his role was to “reverse the culture of torture.” This should be an interesting discussion.


The recession is cutting back on our Halloween spending…

But it’s still the second-highest-(after Christmas)grossing commercial holiday — and click on the link to learn other fun facts you may not know about today. There is a house not far from mine that has every inch covered with those blow-up Halloween figures, including an eight-foot jack-o-lantern. To be honest, it’s not very scary, but I bet the various figures cost a few paychecks.

So. What are you going as for trick-or-treating? I always do the old reliable Undead. I have the clothes and make-up already. Except we’re in a new neighborhood and I’m not sure if any one’s going to come by to help me eat these Snickers….