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Relevant asks:

Genie grants you three wishes. What would they be? (It says that Aladdin’s rules apply. Does any one know the Aladdin rules? Because if we can’t agree on the rules, let’s just not have any, ‘k?)


1. I somehow magically find a ton of money that no one claims and I get to do with it what I want and this news does not reach any of my moocher friends and I think this should count as one wish even though I used “and.”

2. I get to go back to fourth grade and kick Curtis Gilliam in the head. That’s right, Curtis, baby. I’m still pissed.

3. Something about world peace. That we have it. Yeah.

25 responses to “LOVE this stuff!

  1. Can’t kill anyone, can’t make anyone fall in love with anyone else.
    1. Money, enough for lots and lots of wells in Africa, enough for my friend to go back to school and still buy clothes for her son. Enough for a house with 4 bedrooms…or maybe 5, then I could get foster kids, enough for my older sister to get insurance for herself and her son, enough for my younger sister to feel secure, enough for my parents to retire in no more than ten years.

    2. Everyone in the world would be their best, kindest selves. I’m not looking for a utopia, just a decent world.

    3. I get a glimpse into the afterlife. Just a little peek, just to see if it’s really there.

  2. 1. A boodle of money, first to take care of loved ones, college for the grands, economic comfort for all. Then I’d build homeless shelters and provide education and a boost to single moms and well …you get the gist.

    2. A magic wand to wave at medical research to end the plagues of disease. HIV, Cancer, heart disease.

    3. For all people to live by the Golden Rule. Every faith has a variation so I won’t quibble about which one you believe in. And if you’re an atheist or agnostic you just have to PLAY NICE!

  3. Those are the serious ones, what would be everyones, whimsical choices?

    1. To have the body I had at 18! except not be nearsighted.

    2. To be able to become invisible on demand

    3. Super powers like flying and super strength, xray vision.

  4. Just last night, when I should have been sleeping, I looked up through the skylight above my head and felt like I was camping. Then I saw a shooting star go past and thought what my one wish would be. So, I wished for universal healthcare. (I suppose that topic was on my mind.) I was in our family room and so I’m not used to looking at the stars while in bed. I woke up a few more times and saw a few stars through some clouds that were rolling by, but no more shooting stars. So, I only got that one wish.

    If I had to choose 2 others, I’d steal some from the ones mentioned above. Vegas, if you were to get #3, then could you share your findings?

  5. Thanks Vegas!

  6. 1. Cure for Cancer–all kinds
    2. Cure for AIDS
    3. World Peace.

    2 and 3 are really tied for 2…but enough money to kick cancer’s ass for good would be awesome. The rest is gravy.

  7. In reading the rest of these, I like Sherry’s thinking but I like my 30 year old bod better than my 18 year old one. And Vegas, you don’t need lots of bedrooms to be a foster parent, just lots of love!

    And yeah, I’d have to cure heart disease too. Now I’m way over my limit. Crap.

  8. Somehow, kicking someone in the head doesn’t seem, I dunno . . . peaceful. (What do you MEAN did I flip off this stupid bitch in class last week?)

  9. you are NOT a turd.

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