People with credit cards are keen.

vAnd they get really nifty stuff.

That hardly seems fair, does it? People who can afford credit get free miles, refunds, etc., while people who can’t go wanting. This explores¬†it more, the whole cash or credit thing.

And this breaks down the credit industry into crunchable numbers. A few:

Average number of credit cards per American consumer: 5.4

Average consumer’s oldest obligation: 14 years

Average credit card debt per household: $8,329

Average balance per open credit card: $1,157

Where do you fall in this bottomless pit? Having just sold a house, I’m a little more flush than usual, but I know at any moment I can make some stupid financial decisions and be back sucking (financial) canal water. I know me. I’ve seen me do it.

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      1. I don’t listen to his radio show or anything, he’s a little conservative for my taste. Not so open about gender roles etc. However, he knows money like nobody I’ve seen, and he has a way of explaining it to us regular joes that really works.
        We like it so far.

        1. Well, cool! You don’t have to love your banker, nor do you have to love the person who helps you get out of debt.

  1. No credit card debt here. I only own 2 credit cards and one I only use to charge gas. The other produces a high bill every month, but we put everything we can on it to get the delay in payment and travel points. We pay it off every month.
    Our biggest debt is our mortgage and ridiculously high property taxes.

    1. I wish I could say the same about my own debt. Sadly, someone has been spending indiscriminately with my credit card, the turd.

  2. Jac, move to Alabama. Property taxes are ridiculously low. We live in a 2,400 SF house in the best neighborhood, and property taxes for us (a retiree gets a break) is $535. For the year.

    On the other hand, sales tax on everything, including food, is 10%.

    1. Jay, can we all move to your neighborhood? I’d pay the 10 percent to get somewhere near that property tax rate.

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