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Supply-Side Jesus!

Back when Sen. Al Franken was still making jokes, he could make some pretty good ones.

And thanks, AlterNet, for the reminder.


Second coming! Second coming!

That, or a very cool cloud formation, one, over Moscow.

Junior ROTC in middle school?

vSays here the Army’s considering it.

I am an Army brat, though my mother opted out of the military life (and her marriage) when I was quite small, and so I didn’t experience the multiple moves of so many other military brats. While I may be hard-wired to appreciate soldiers, I have a real problem with starting military training this young — which is already happening  in places like Wichita:

The Wichita school district in south-central Kansas is one of a few nationwide offering middle school programs based on the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps curriculum. Top Army officials are studying its programs to see if they could be a model for others nationwide.

No regrets

vGod bless Internet Monk, and here’s why.

You? Do you regret anything? If I regret anything, it’s that I let other people dictate what I thought about the world for too long. I probably still do that — a little — but I wish I’d wised up years earlier and stopped gauging others’ reactions before I had my own.

The End. By Me.

So I’m looking at these petroglyphs yesterday…


And though I’m walking the trail by myself, I end up behind an older couple with some serious-looking cameras and notebooks. I figured they had to know more than I did about these carvings, so I cut in close to listen.

No one knows how old these are, really. Archeologists say maybe 700 years, the natives say 3,000. Each carving took a long time to make, and no one knows the meaning of the oldest ones — though some Europeans came through in the 1800s and added their crosses and sheep brands and such.

The couple was looking for a carving of the legendary flute-playing, baby-bearing Kokopelli and I helped them look, but we never found it. Too bad. I am in need of neither flute music nor babies, but it would have been cool to see a real Kokopelli, as opposed to the garden version of it.

It’s hard to pick a favorite…

at BuzzFeed’s 20 best signs at the National Equality March.

Oh, awesome.

Girls Only

A cleaning trolley, just for lil’ girls.