A man experiencing childbirth?

To try to judge who can withstand pain better — a man or a woman — a man submitted to (via electrodes attached to his person) a simulated birth.

I like the part where he said:¬†“I have never been so grateful to be a man” but missed the part where he said: “You did this to me! You did this to me! I hate you!”

(Though in the birth of my son? I never yelled that. I yelled, instead, for the epidural block. I am all about freedom of choice, but for myself? If God had meant for me to be natural, She wouldn’t have given me access to drugs.)

And somehow, I don’t think electrodes attached to one’s belly can nearly simulate the actual birth¬†experience. But O-kay.

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  1. I highly doubt this experience can be fully simulated. But I’m not volunteering to find out either. Three real births was quite enough for me, thanks.
    I will say that friends who have experienced both have said that kidney stones are worse. It’s true the pain is bad but in the end you are passing something the size of a lentil as opposed to say…cantaloupes.

    1. I’ve heard the same thing and choose not to grow a kidney stone to check that theory, if I can help it.

    1. I laughed out loud at that. We use that in my family, that and “What a ka-ra-ra-goon-de-a.” That’s from some long-forgotten cartoon, I think.

  2. Having had a normal drug free childbirth, and one on pitocin with no pain killers, I am here to tell you that endometrial ablations are the worst pain I have ever felt. And seeing a dear one passing kidney stones -way worse than childbirth. DO kidneys have sphincters? The cervix being a sphincter is built to let out cantelopes. Kidneys, not so much.

    1. Carol, you’re a brave woman. I asked for an epidural as soon as I could and took the “easy” path to childbirth although it still wasn’t easy at all.

      I remember learning all about kidney stones and why they are so painful in Anatomy & Physiology last spring. If any one is interested in more on that, check this out. (If not, forgive me – I’m into this stuff):

  3. OMG! Before I left the video above, I checked out a few others (because I’m into this stuff) and saw one titled “Secrets for Passing Kidney Stones” made by a guy who went through it (not a doctor) and wanted to share information on it with other people who, like him, DO NOT have health insurance. Imagine feeling the worst pain and having to choose between trying to get through it on your own (with the risk of kidney damage) or having to pay big bucks for an ER visit to get help. How awful!

    1. The first time my dad had stones we were out of town, driving back home. He was screaming, we were all freaked out. My mom had to get a payphone and call family to see where to take him. He actually screamed, “Jesus take me now.”
      I had gall stones and I’ve heard they’re comparable but still not as bad.

      1. I will only believe someone who has gone through both. I’d just as soon avoid kidney stones, myself.

      2. That sounds horrible! Did you all know it was kidney stones when he was yelling?

        What did they do for your gall stones? Did you have to have your gall bladder removed?

      3. No, we didn’t know what it was. My sister and I were pretty young at the time so yeah, it was really scary!
        I did have my gallbladder out. I guess it can be a side effect of pregnancy to get stones. I had surgery 2 months after my lst baby was born. My friend has had three kids, gall stones and kidney stones. She’s hesitant to compare but if she’s pushed she’ll tell you that kidney stones are the worst.

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