Is not flirting a feminist statement?

Ladies? A good-looking cable guy offers you repairs for free, while he flirts with you.

Do you say no, thank you? asks BeckySharper at the fabulously-named The Pursuit of Harpyness? Or do you take the freebie as a nice nod to your feminity?

Try this: Have you ever used your feminine (or masculine) wiles to get something you wanted?

And what, precisely, is a masculine wile?


13 responses to “Is not flirting a feminist statement?

  1. Does crying to avoid a ticket count? And I mean I made myself cry. I was young and hadn’t fully developed my feminist self yet. Would I do it again, probably not. I’d put on my big-girl pants and take like a woman.

  2. I prefer to think of it as using my good nature to inspire a good natured return. I don’t think of it as using my feminine wiles. If that’s flirting, then I love to flirt (as long as my personal space is respected, that is).

  3. The woman behind the counter at a local coffee shop doesn’t charge me for coffee. She simply stopped doing so one day, just waves me on by.

    Sure, we had become friendly, in that I-see-you-every-day-for-30-seconds kind of way.

    Does that count?

  4. Everyone gets an ego boost AND you get something free? Win-win in my book.

  5. It shows up better on us fair-skinned folk. And I’m pretty darned white, as you know.

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