Taking a new trail yesterday…


We came upon this.

Ah. New England.

8 responses to “Taking a new trail yesterday…

  1. Damn! You’re making me homesick!

  2. Yeah, my birthday month.

    The first year I moved to Alabama, one December day about 1/2 inch of snow (at the most) fell in Birmingham. The schools shut down. That was on a Wednesday.

    The next day a few flakes fell, and the schools remained shut.

    And the Powers that Be decreed that because it MIGHT snow on Friday, the schools would remain closed.

    P.S. No snow on Friday.

    • Best snow days EVER, when there’s no snow. I remember southwest Missouri being crippled by the least little snowfall, and if you’ll remember, Jay, back here the first snowfall is always a big deal but by February or so, no one even notices. I remember one year snow stayed on the ground from Christmas Eve (beautiful white Christmas) to the end of March, and so new snow was kind of ho-hum.

  3. One year in northern Ohio, snow came early and stayed and stayed. I had business in DC and a friend picked me up at National Airport. (I refuse to use its current name,)

    On the ride to my friend’s house I looked around in wonder. I realized that I had honestly forgotten what brown earth looked like.

    Addendum: I remember now that the friend’s home was in Clinton, MD. So, I went from (gulp) Reagan to Clinton before either was elected president!

    • I can go you one better: I try like anything to skip on over flying into the at airport. Call it my lil’ personal protest.

  4. Thanks for bringing the trail to me and everyone else.

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