Would it be right to pay for donated organs?

From the Responsibility Project:

In the U.S., the sale of transplant organs is illegal, meaning that an organ needed to save a life can only be used if it was donated for free. On the thriving organ black market however, a liver costs $10,000, and a kidney—the most sought-after organ—goes for $30,000. Proponents of organ-selling say that with 80,000 Americans on kidney waiting lists alone, and 13 dying each day, it’s time to stop expecting donors to act solely for altruistic reasons.

If we could somehow make such organs accessible to even the most poor, would it be acceptable to pay people for their body parts?

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  1. Yep. For real. 30 large would get us out of some of our debt and let us feel somewhat secure financially. Of course I doubt anyone would want one of my kidneys.

    1. I think if I needed the money more, I, too, would consider it. And then hope like hell I never needed it back.

    1. You know? I never thought of that. Does insurance cover organ transplants? For both the donor and the recipient?

  2. I would sell a kidney in a heartbeat if the price was right. I could use the money to pay for health insurance.
    I wonder what rare blood groups get?

    1. I would imagine rare blood groups (I’m not that rare, but I’m A-, if you’re keeping track) should get buttloads of cash. That’s just me talking, though.

      1. A quick check confirms that selling a kidney or even offering one for sale is quite illegal. I would never do anything illegal.
        I would, however, under the right conditions, to the proper party, be willing to donate a kidney.
        Slightly used. Dedicated. Functioning perfectly and well suited to coffee drinkers and cigarette smokers. B-.

        1. Dedicated…that’s my new favorite code word. It is illegal now, but what if the laws were changed? And it’s good to know you’ll give yours away, free. I am putting you in my file as someone to call, should a kidney be needed.

                1. And here I go, removing your name from the file of people to call should I need a kidney. I don’t enjoy high-maintenance — kidneys, people, plants…but I still love you fiercely.

  3. Wouldn’t paying for organs possibly lead to them going to the highest bidder? Maybe if prices were regulated, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
    Speaking of organ donations, ever see “7 Pounds” with Will Smith? (extreme end of this discussion of donations)

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