And, in the interest of point/counterpoint…

Bill Moyers begs to differ. And just to recap, as he said: October was the bloodiest month in these last eight years of the war. And thanks, AlterNet, for the link.

9 responses to “And, in the interest of point/counterpoint…

  1. Get out, get out, get out.

  2. Moyers knows conscription is the quickest way to initiate the fundamental changes to foreign policy needed to end the war. But to hear him call for it is….well, kinda spooky.
    If we adopt a cold war policy of containment and diplomacy, (which the Taliban would never really accept), Troops needed for continued occupation and security would still exceed McChrystal’s estimates.
    And if we just pull out, it could be chaos. More blood on our hands.
    I wish Obama could begin a policy of containment and diplomacy and in the meantime, engage the Untied Nations to assist in finding a way to withdraw American presence in such a way security might be maintained, at least on some level.
    We have screwed things up so terribly in Afghanistan, it has destabilized the entire region. We need to get out. But how?

    • I think you’re onto something there, Leftover. Engage the UN (and any one else who’ll listen) in some kind of world participation here. But then, maybe the world won’t want to participate. Then what?

  3. It’s a “Sophie’s Choice” kind of situation. We’re damned / doomed if we stay, we’re damned / doomed if we don’t. And worse yet, so are the people suffering at the whim of the Taliban / drones / etc.

  4. I’m stuck too. I worry about the smart people — after all, Karl Rove is smart, but he’s dangerous.

  5. When I get in the mindset I had when I was 20 (1967) I want to yell, :START THE DRAFT” Until they pull students off the Trinity College campus or the UConn campus of the Yale campus there will not be enought outrage to end this war. Back in the 60s it was seeing the college kids march off that was the impetus to march and picket. I know this sounds bizarre but the country will not rise up while the soldiers volunteer, too easy to say they volunteered so keep sending them. A draft ends wars, I hate it but will stop this war.

    • I have read this in other venues, that the only way to stop this war is to by conscription. And then, people will start taking ownership.

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