Happy 40th birthday, Sesame Street!

(Which you’d know if you’ve gone on Google any time in the last week or so. Sesame Street characters have been adorning that company’s onscreen logo in preparation for today’s big event.)




11 responses to “Happy 40th birthday, Sesame Street!

  1. It seems like it was just yesterday when we bought the 25th Anniversary video for our oldest. I miss those Sesame Street days…

    • Time flies, right? I remember watching it in junior high as I got ready for school each morning. I was far too old to watch it (I already knew my numbers/letters) but I just loved it.

  2. Will it surprise anyone here that we weren’t allowed to watch this show?

  3. I adore Elmo! Not sure if this link works, but it’s Elmo and Ricky Gervais doing an interview. These are the outakes from the interview.

  4. Thank you Sherry!

  5. Shoot, I just noticed that Colin McEnroe posted this clip on his blog today. I didn’t plagerize, honest! I’ve know of this one for a long time.

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