I found Luzer on “The Good Wife!”

hasidimYes, there are plenty of ways to fill your days, but with the help of Jamie, at Footsteps, I spent part of mine finding my new friend Luzer in his brief appearance on “The Good Wife.” I watched the show last night and missed him, for some reason.

I met Luzer at a book talk earlier this week, and he told me he might be on television. and he was!

Go here, and run the lil’ cursor to 19 minutes or so, and there he is, standing at the counter of a store, counting out change.

Luzer Lives! I’m so excited.


5 responses to “I found Luzer on “The Good Wife!”

  1. Woo-hoo! I wondered if that may have been him but I wasn’t able to spot Aiden from that view.

    • You only got the side view and the back view. I emailed Footsteps to say I saw him and I’d tell all my friends and that they should tell Luzer he has a goyim fan club in CT. I say “goyim” with love.

  2. You are assuming a goyim like me knows enough yiddish to know what goyim means….Oy!

  3. I found this when I googled my name. Weirdest thing in the world.

    Seems like they made me the nosy guy of the town, I am in almost every exterior shot. Funniest thing is that when the camera cuts from the deli to the street, there I am again, in two places at once. Apparently the editors can’t tell one Hasid from another, just as I can’t tell one Chinese from the other.

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