Women eat according to how many men are nearby

vAt least, that’s what a new Canadian study says.

Writes Ryan Sager at True/Slant:

1) Females chose foods with significantly fewer calories when eating with men rather than women. (Note to Jezebel: word “female” is in the study!)

2) Women’s food choices weren’t affected just by a man being present, but in proportion to how many men were present — more men equaled fewer calories. (More women being present had the opposite effect on women’s calorie consumption.)

3) Neither the size of the group nor the gender make-up seemed much to affect males’ food choices.

Read more on the study here.

If this is true, I’ve been living my life incorrectly. I clean my plate and order dessert.

13 responses to “Women eat according to how many men are nearby

  1. Its because the men eat all the food first.

    • We used to make jokes about that at my house. We decided we couldn’t choose between two family mottos: See the Hill, Take the Hill or “Are you going to eat that?”

  2. Why in hell’s bells would I care if a man were around when I’m masticating? I’mma eat my food and they can mind their own business, mmkay? Besides, you think I want what they’ve got? Yeah, no.

    • I don’t want what they’ve got unless it’s something really good dessert and then I am willing to fight them for it.

      • I love it when someone says “so, want to split a dessert?”

        “What, are you NUTS?”

        • To which the proper answer is: Get your own damn mud pie, dammit.

          • Right, “What, are you NUTS?” is a little rude.

            • Actually, one could probably alternate. You can’t say “Get your own damn dessert, dammit” is exactly genteel…”Hell, no!” as one swipes one’s plate out of reach is probably wrong, too. Perhaps just tossing one’s head back and laughing maniacally? Certainly stabbing one’s dinner partner with a fork is out…

  3. “Certainly stabbing one’s dinner partner with a fork is out…”

    Oh I dunno — I recently purchased new flatware, and sharp tines on the forks were a major consideration.

    • For stabbing the hands of your dinner partners? Excellent! Mine are cheap and most likely would break off.

      • Well, that, and any other self-defense maneuvers one might have to perform. A girl can’t be too prepared, y’know.

        • Like smacking? I’m a fan of smacking. No, I kid. Sort of. You strike me as a peace-loving woman, Cynical. Do you ever in your life think of hauling off and slapping the crap outta someone?

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