Will you be camped out at your local bookstore for your copy of “Going Rogue?”

By now, you’ve had the opportunity to watch former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on “Oprah.” You could read about her in the New York Times. You could read about her just about anywhere, actually.

Will you read her book?


83 responses to “Will you be camped out at your local bookstore for your copy of “Going Rogue?”

  1. No, but suddenly I feel compassion toward SP and I don’t know why. Maybe it was the story about taking the mugger to dinner or maybe it’s something I see in her eyes.on’t agree with a bit of her politics, but she is human.

    • I agree. I’m not trying to take cheap shots at her (I don’t like cheap shots in general) but I’m just going to read excerpts from people who are taking cheap shots, I guess.

  2. I swear I typed all of the words and then they flew off into oblivion. That should be:
    “I don’t agree with a bit of her politics…”

  3. Looking forward to buying and reading this book! When I am finished with it perhaps I will place it between copies of Ann Coutler’s “Guilty” and “Dating Jesus.”

    Susan, while I am at Border’s I can pick you up a copy of “Going Rogue” if you like. Let me know…anything to help out this economy. :)

    • Aren’t you precious to offer to do that, Bro. Todd. But no thank you. I’ll just borrow your copy, right before you put it up there with Ann Coulter and Whatzername. (Do you think the Coulter book and “Dating Jesus” talk while they’re up there on the shelf together?)

      • Susan,

        Ann Coulter made a huge mistake…she underestimated the young girl on the cover of “Dating Jesus.” Coulter first told the young lady that she “threw like a girl, then Coulter actually ate the little girl’s last Butterfinger! Well by the time I came home from work…let’s just say that my copy of “Guilty” is perhaps the only copy in America that has Coulter’s eyes poked out.

  4. “I swear I typed all of the words and then they flew off into oblivion. That should be:
    “I don’t agree with a bit of her politics”

    WordPress will do that to you. It is the Dick Cheney of blogdom.

  5. SP is an opportunist, pure and simple. \

    Taking a mugger to dinner? To a location where she can see Russia, maybe?

    I have no compassion for her. She darn well knew that she was unqualified for national office.

    • Okay. I may see this differently in the morning if I get some sleep. I admit I’m very sleep deprived and may be a bit cloudy in my thinking.
      Still…I don’t know…she’s human and not really evil.

    • I’m trying to decide if the next presidential candidate asks me to be his/her running mate, would I say no? To all those fabulous clothes, etc.? (Nah, I’d say no. I have too trashy a mouth to make it past the first debate.)

      • I know, I know! She should have said no. Maybe she wished she had said no right after saying yes and then made the best of things, or maybe she thought she was hot stuff and was qualified because she was being stupid.
        When I was a little kid one time in a swimming pool there was a mean kid who picked on everyone including me. Then there was something, a vulnerability or something, and then I saw something else in him. I felt compassion for the kid that everyone else didn’t like – for no real good reason except I saw a human side (no way to describe at the moment) in the kid. Like he really wanted to be better and didn’t know how.
        Did I say I was sleep deprived? Good night all and good luck. I need sleep.

        • Good night, but thanks for that anecdote. I had a similar situation with a little kid named Mickey Dale. He had a horrible reputation but I thought he was just confused. I once got into big trouble because I got into a fistfight defending Mickey’s honor. I was a little confused, myself. Plus, I was 6 and someone forgot to tell me that little girls don’t throw punches.

          • So it was before they gave you the “How to be a nice young lady” handbook? Good for you for defending the kid’s honor. Everyone needs someone on their side. As you say, maybe some people are just a little confused…like the mugger.

            I wish I had seen the Sarah Palin – Oprah interview. I won’t read her book, but if you do, let us know what you think of it.

  6. I’m not so compassionate to let DC off the hook. So, it’s his fault, eh?

  7. Ahhh, SP. I remember watching the RNC and literally hearing all the male conservatives in North Texas drool.

    Like Jac, I’ve softened up about her. But I’m mad at the conservatives that objectify her and only know her as some hottie, but can’t tell me what her position is on anything.

    To be fair, the same goes for Obama’s groupies. “He’s hot!” Me: “What’s his view on climate change?” “Oh, I dunno, but he’s hot!” *side-eye*

    • Side-eye. LOVE it. I have a hard time seeing any politician as “hot.” I’m not a policy wonk but I just don’t see them quite as human — or at least not as sexual beings. That is why every time — every time — one of ’em gets caught in his own zipper (and yeah, so far this seems to be a male politician thing)(or maybe the women are better at not getting caught?) (what was my thread, again?)(oh yeah!) I’m surprised. Isn’t that naive of me?

  8. Coulda watched her, but didn’t. Not going to read the book, either. No she’s not evil. Neither was George W, I suppose. Narcissistic, yes. Lacking empathy, yes. Detached from reality, yes. But not evil.

    • Have you ever met someone truly evil? Or is there any one in history you’d classify as evil? This isn’t a test. I’m just wondering.

      • “…is there any one in history you’d classify as evil?”

        Karl Rove. Dick Cheney. Maybe Joe Lieberman.

        • For real, Joe Lieberman? I am not about to defend him, but I find that choice interesting.

          • Oh I don’t know. I’m so angry with him and his ego and his ambition that I’ll probably say anything about him. But Colin (DJ’s colleague in the opinion section of the Hartford Courant) recently remembered a time when Joe was all for something he called Medikids, something totally at odds with his current stand on health care — or excuse me, health insurance.

            • Those days seem long gone, don’t they? Those of us who get to see Sen. Lieberman up close may often wonder where that guy went.

      • Come on Cynical Susan,

        Did you just call Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Joe Lieberman evil? Why because two of them are Republicans, and the last one sometimes votes with Republicans?!? Using your “liberal-logic” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) then people on the opposite side of your fence would write that the Clintons, Pelosi, and Chairman Obama are all evil.

        I realize that being cynical is a way of life for you…but perhaps in the future you will refrain from bastardizing the word “evil” to suit your political needs.

      • Dear Todd:

        I don’t think Rove, Cheney, and Lieberman are evil because they’re Republicans — er, mostly Republicans. You’ll see I moderated my stance on Lieberman just a little in a later post, but I do think Rove and Cheney are evil, and that would be because they so far outdo me in cynicism that I really shouldn’t use the name.

        A couple of other things: you really don’t need to insult people here, and while you may call Obama what you like, I suspect if I had referred to Bush as Fuehrer (leader), you might have found that disrespectful.

      • Dearest Cynical Susan,

        No need to translate the word “Fuehrer” for me…I took, and actually enjoyed, German during my junior year of college-but it was thoughtful of you to think that I am too dim to recognize a simple word.

        Since you claim that Rove and Cheney outdo you regarding cynicism…perhaps you should change your handle to “A kinder and far less Cynical Susan.”

        Finally Sue, you wrote: “you (me) really don’t need to insult people here, and you may call Obama what you like.” Well, thanks Susan! Tell you what, if you set up a blog site and don’t like the words I use…don’t post my comments. Besides Susan, I already have mother and she’s done a fine job for the first 45 years of my life.

        • Speaking as the Mother of this Blog, Todd, are you sure you want to blame your mother for how you turned out? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I made a funny!!!! Go, me!

      • Todd, I realized after I posted that what I should have said is that “we mostly don’t insult EACH OTHER here.” Many who post do indeed cast aspersions on various public figures.

        I wish you hadn’t cut off my sentence about using “chairman” for Obama. My translation of Fuerher was simply for anyone who doesn’t know the meaning of the word — I had never looked up the actual translation until I looked it up today. I feel that the use of that for Bush is equivalent to using Chairman for Obama, and I think both are disrespectful.

        My name is not Sue.

      • Cynical Susan,

        Funny…you wrote yesterday that you consider Rove, Cheney, and Lieberman evil (Joe L. only sometimes) and you don’t consider that to be a tad bit disrespectful?

        Chairman Obama seems to fit in my way of thinking. Look at what he’s done since Jan 21, 2009: He took over the American car industry, he has over 33 Czars who report only to him, he asked Americans to “report” on people who spread mis-information, he’s trying like crazy to grab control of our health care system in our country when he couldn’t even run the Cash for Clunckers program for two weeks. Chairman Obama really seems appropriate to me. A very sincere apology for calling you Sue. Sometimes Susan, I write things that may be considered patronizing…I promise it won’t happen again.

      • I did not know the translation for fuerher so thanks for that, C Susan.
        And Todd, “took over the American car industry”? Please, drama much? And Bush had 47 czars. So are you saying Obama is better? Or that you like czars and he doesn’t have enough of them?

      • Todd, have you forgotten who started the bailouts and who put our economy into the crapper and who engaged us in a useless, costly war in Iraq? (hint: GWB)

      • Jac,

        I didn’t like the bailouts when Bush did them either-at times towards the of Bush’s second term I thought he was spending like a drunken sailor, or a liberal Democrat. As for the war, I respectfully disagree.

      • I object to your comment about GWB spending like a liberal Democrat. He wasn’t imitating anyone; he was spending because he chose to spend. He also decided to invade Iraq to uncover weapons of mass destruction. That was HIS justification for risking the lives of our American soldiers. How many lives were lost because of it? Second to that, how much in taxes went toward funding the war? How much per month continues to flow into the Iraq war? GWB is responsible for that. That’s his legacy. He’s accountable. Conservatives like to ignore that.

  9. Nope. No sympathy here. She’s playing this as hard as she can. She abandoned her post as governor to hang onto her fifteen minutes of fame for an extra 30. The way I hear it she uses the book to blame everyone around her for any failings.

    • That’s been the general consensus among people who don’t like her already. I’d read the book if someone would hand me their copy. I’m interested.

    • Vegas710,

      Bush Sr. had one czar, Clinton had nine (he would have had more but he was so busy training interns) and Bush 43 had only 12.

      I do not know what “please, drama much” means. But if you are asking me if I was a threatre major in college, no I was not.

      The only thing Obama is better at than any other president is bowing. He’s doing a great job in Asia this week of bowing. I certainly hope the bowing doesn’t hurt his back, it might ruin his jump shot, and golf swing.

      • http://www.factcheck.org/2009/09/czar-search/
        Bush 2 had more czars than Obama currently has but the larger point is that it doesn’t matter.

        My point is that it’s a bit dramatic to say that Obama “took over” the car industry.
        And on bowing we agree, he’s doing a great job of showing respect to other world leaders.

      • Your czar claim is a bunch of bull-hockey, Todd!

        Thanks, Vegas.

        (By George, I think she’s got it!)

      • Todd-lette, I must warn you that you are in the Big Leagues now. I’ve had to warn one other commenter that these aren’t your regular blog readers. They’re tenacious and informed and they are quite skilled at explaining their points. Now play nice or I’ll send you to the corner.

      • DJ,

        Thanks for the “heads up” about the bloggers on this site…I too, am quite tenacious! I have blogged on McEnroe, Green, Englehart (all from the Courant) and was able to hit fastball-pitching there so I am very confident that I will be able to hit the slow-pitch, underhand stuff I see here:)

        Vegas710, after looking at several sources I discovered that the Bush czar thing was all over the place…for instance, http://www.bayoubuzz claimed that Bush had 35 czars, while http://www.democrat.org stated that it was 47, we both know that stats can be played with and manipulated. Remember Bush was president for eight years, while Obama has only been in office since Jan. so by shear number of months Bush was going to have a bigger staff. Let’s look at a stat that even Obama can’t say is wrong…10.2% unemployment! After dropping $787 billion into the economy where are the jobs?! Where’s the Hope? Where’s the Change?

        Here’s how I see the last three years of Obama playing out (and remember, you heard it here first) 2010 midterm elections are not going to go well for Obama. After the fallout, watch Hillary Clinton quit her spot as Sec of State and then pull a Ted Kennedy and run against a weak, defeated, ineffective incumbent in 2012. If y’ all (yeah I just typed y’all !) think Hillary is still not bitter over how the media threw her under the bus, you are sadly mistaken. 2012 makes sense, by 2016 she’ll be too old, and there are still open wounds over how 2008 played out.

        2012 Hillary vs. Palin…that would be a cat fight I’d love to see!

        DJ, “Todd-lette?”

        • I say that with love, and if this seems like slow-pitch softball it’s because we’re polite. But there are smart people here, so bring your A-game — and avoid calling any battle between women a “cat fight” henceforth.

      • Todd, why don’t you tell us what your problem is with the czars?
        And if you think an economic downward spiral like this one will magically turn around then you have more faith in one man than anyone should.

      • What game are you watching, Todd? Did you not see the fast ball I pitched by you?

        You won’t get away with throwing around bogus figures or selectively recalling past events to support your mission of Obama-bashing around here. It’s already getting old.

      • Vegas710,

        First off the word “czar” or “tsar” is a Russian emperor, or a manager with a lot of power. Why can’t we just call them managers or supervisors? My major problem with czars is that the president is able to appoint a person to be his czar without Senate approval. He or she serves at the leisure of the president, where’s the accountability?

        Vegas710, go back to September of this year and look at way Obama’s Green Jobs’ czar, Van Jones, was shown the door. Jones was an admitted Communist, and actually thought that Bush planned the 9/11 attacks. Call me old-fashioned, but I really think if you proclaim your love for Mother Russia, that should preclude from working for the American government.

        • Todd, if you’re going to start talking about people like Van Jones, shall I trot out your former president’s miscues when it came to appointments? And early Christianity bears a lot in common with what you’d call communism. And Obama is not the first to appoint “czars.” This is a straw argument.

      • I figured it came down to the foreign-sounding word. Did the czars bother you under Bush or did you not notice them until now? What kind of power do these czars have is what I’m wondering. Do they hold any *real* power that we need to fear them? I don’t believe so.
        And I know plenty of good, patriotic Americans who identify as communists. The cold war is over, this isn’t about Russia.

      • Oh, and if there’s no accountability, what happened to Van Jones?

  10. dj@10:20pm: Can’t say I ever met anyone who was truly evil. In the 20th century, only a few short years before I was born, Adolph Hitler. In the 21st century, I suspect Dick Cheney is evil. But the century is still young.

  11. “Have you ever met someone truly evil? Or is there any one in history you’d classify as evil? This isn’t a test. I’m just wondering”


  12. Oh, and today our local news was talking about Pain coming here to discuss her book. Instead of “Going Rogue” the graphic read, “Going Rouge”

    • There’s a parody out with that title.

    • Vegas710,

      To answer your accountability question:

      FOX NEWS and Mr. Beck are the only reporters who seem willing to do Obama’s vetting process. Before you write a long response about Beck, please don’t. I am not a member of Beck’s fan club, but I do have to give him credit for breaking this story.

  13. THAT was a Freudian slip. Palin not Pain.

  14. There IS a parody titled Going Rouge, and I might possibly read that.

  15. Oh, Stalin was plenty evil. And who ever it was in Sudan that decided everyone in one ethnic group should die. (I’m getting it mixed up with Rwanda right now but the bad guys in Rwanda count too.)

    Completely evil? Well I don’t know of anything nice or non self serving that Stalin ever did, and any one willing to put men and boys in a house and set it on fire – what the heck could you do to make up for tha?

  16. I think WordPress swallowed one of my remarks. Isn’t it interesting how all these fine upstanding patriots slept through the 8 years of the Bush II regime, while the Ruling Elite invaded two countries and stripped the US Treasury to line the pockets of their pals in the military-industrial complex, only to wake up on 1/20/09 because the White House and the Congress are in the hands of Democrats again? I think that’s very interesting, don’t you?

    • I can’t believe people have the nerve to talk about this administration taking away freedoms after what the last administration did. I don’t get why it was okey-dokey then. I guess if you put the anti-terrorism stamp on everything you do, no one will question it.

  17. “Ruin his golf swing”? “Golf Swing”?? Yes, indeed! Let’s talk about the President’s golf swing.

  18. “How much per month continues to flow into the Iraq war? GWB is responsible for that. That’s his legacy. He’s accountable. Conservatives like to ignore that.”

    But Jac, don’t you know that history only began on 1/20/09?


  19. Todd’s not really interested in having a conversation, that much is clear.

  20. “I do agree with you that Jones did resign, but it appears that he was asked to…if the president says “resign” you do it.”

    And, so, WHAT exactly IS your point?

    • Sharon,

      My point is simple, President Obama got caught with egg on his face regarding his Green Czar appointment. When it was discovered that Jones was a “confirmed Communist” that became a red-flag (pun-slightly intended) and when audio and visual tape had Jones stating that he thought that Bush was responsible for 9/11… that became too much. I am far from being a fan of Obama, but I’d like to think that if he knew all of this about Jones prior to the appointment, he would have taken a pass.

  21. In addition to Harriet Miers, can we just mention in passing Alberto “I can’t recall” Gonzales and “Scooter” Libby?

  22. I’m painfully aware of who “Scooter” Libby was. If you can use a broad brush, so can I. Guilt by association, right?

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