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This is on Gawker

[There’s nothing to hide the flaws in an extreme closeup of secretary of state Hilary Clinton taken during a press conference at the U.S. embassy in Kabul today. Image via Getty]

My prayer is that Brian Moylan, who posted this on Gawker, lives to a ripe, old age, and learns to feel comfortable in his skin. Because you know what, Junior? If you’re lucky to live long enough, you, too, will have wrinkles.

Now bite down on it, won’t you? Flaws, indeed.

Oh, and Brian? It’s “Hillary.” Two L’s. Fortunately, it appears that several of the commentors below the photo agree this is ignit in the first degree. (That’s “ignorant” in hillbilly.) And careful, Brian. We old chicks have long memories.


Well, THIS seems classy

Mike Huckabee

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee called out some of his tribal members for their “shameful” and “deplorable” attacks on Pres. Obama.

There’s more here.

And thanks, Right Wing Watch, for the link.

All “married” Texans might actually be living in sin

So says a Houston candidate for state attorney general.

Well, this could be problematic

Here’s more on Barbara Ann Radnofsky.

Buh-bye, Stupak-Pitts amendment.

Sen. Harry Reid stabbed it and killed it.

Here’s more on Sen. Reid’s suggested legislation.

About those new breast cancer-reduction recommendations…

Uh…never mind.

Yielding to public uproar, Department of Health and Human Services Sec. Kathleen Sebelius has advised women and medical professionals to ignore government-issued recommendations.

Can you do me a favor?

About two years ago, a film professor sent me a list of 100 films I needed to see before I died. Some, I’d already seen. Many, I hadn’t, so I loaded the films onto my Netflix queue, and I’ve been diligently watching them since.

Since then, I have watched Polish films and South African films, and Swedish and British and Irish and Pakistani and obsure American films and I’ve enjoyed nearly all of them. If nothing else, I could go in to work the next morning and brag about films like “Kolya,” a wonderful ’96 Czech film that broke my heart last night.

It’s O.K. I’m nearly over it.

And I am nearly at the end of my list, and I don’t know any more film professors to guide my way. Could you recommend a movie? If I get to the end of my list with no more to add, I will surely die.

And thank you.

The global gender gap

Just recite along with me: We’re No. 31! We’re No. 31!

Here’s the report.

And thanks, Sister Cynical, for the link.