These — THESE! — are my people

Missouri Republicans are preparing for war.

That billboard replaces this one:

Ah, subtlety, they name is Lafayette County Republicans.

And thanks, Right Wing Watch, for the link.

54 responses to “These — THESE! — are my people

  1. I wonder if any New Hampshirites are annoyed that they’ve appropriated the state motto?

  2. Leftover’s link is even worse.

    NH should sue.

  3. I don’t think I’ve seen any “TM” designations on anything New-Hampshire-y — maybe they better register it quick!

  4. You have to wonder if these are intended to rally the supporters or scare the rest of us.

  5. Do they allow anything on a billboard these days? Why not just reserve them for good old fashioned advertisements!

    I once looked into putting the Golden Rule on a billboard but it was too expensive.

  6. Ahhhh,

    Obama’s $787 billion dollar “stimulus” package…and Obamacare is what should concern anyone who’s spent at least five minutes in an economics class.

    I have taught economics, accounting, and business education classes since 1988…come on, look at what Obama is trying to do. He has no clue about growing an economy. 2010 elections should be a wake-up call to the Nobel Peace prize winner who has no idea about economics…this is a a very dangerous time. Why do you think he was lectured about economics last week whuile he was in Asia? Look at the 10.2% unemployment…Obama wants to blame Bush for everything bad…it’s time for Obama to say “I am accountable.” I doubt his ego and hubus will not allow him to do so.

    • Seriously? Eight years under Bush and now it’s all Obama’s fault?
      I don’t understand economics so I can’t really go far in this argument but I doubt there’s a magic pill that would fix this economy, especially in the 10 months people expect Obama to have done it.

    • I agree with the neoliberal failure of the economic bailouts and the health insurance legislation.
      This is Obama’s baby now. Healthcare, the economy, the wars. Blaming Bush doesn’t work anymore.

      • “This is Obama‚Äôs baby now.”

        I prefer to think of this like an old house — each previous owner has rebuilt, added on, restructured, redocrated. And some of the add-ons and rebuilding have turned out to be badly designed or built, making for horrible headaches for the current owner and family.

      • Wait! Obama was given a failing economy, the beginnings of bailouts, a broken healthcare system and US involvement in 2 wars. They weren’t his babies. What he does with these situations are his, but he didn’t create those things.

        On the other hand, blaming Bush is only relevant when some people try to pin all of the blame on Obama. Instead of getting all worked up about blame and criticism, I’m for putting all hands on deck to come up with resolutions that don’t include making one party or another look bad. Best to make our one country and ALL people better.

      • I don’t blame Obama for anything other than his own failures.
        He wanted the Big Chair. He said his policies represented change, hope, a recovery.
        What I see is empty rhetoric, hypocrisy, and political opportunism. Accountability. Transparency. The hallmarks of his campaign, so far, have been discarded.
        But it’s still early. We haven’t even broached the immigration issue yet.

      • Cynical, that’s perfect, exactly how I feel about it.

  7. When Jimmy Carter left office unemployment was at 7.7% (compared to Obama’s 10.2%) and the prime interest rate was 21.5%…a new record! You could have gotten a better interest rate from a mobster. 1977-1981 (the Carter Years) paved the way for the one of the greatest presidents ever-Ronald Reagan. Look at a history book, even Democats didn’t like Carter…why do think Dem Ted Kennedy ran against the incumbent Carter? Obama is going to smother our economy…watch Hillary Clinton pull a Teddy and run against him in 2012. With each passing day we are all witness to just how over matched the Nobel winner is…you’ll see.

    • We shall watch, Bro. Todd. Count on it.

    • Although I can’t agree with “the greatest President ever”…..I do agree Obama is looking more and more like a one trick pony. I think Hillary will run, against Biden, and lose the nomination.

      But who will the Republicans run?
      He’s got the chops and the ability to bring moderates back to the conservative side of the aisle.
      Huntsman/Huckabee maybe?

      • I keep reading Huckabee in some kind of capacity. Not Palin, Leftover?

      • I’m sure Palin will be used to draw votes, if the Republicans want her to. But she could just as easily fragment well heeled elements of the Part y Hierarchy.
        But Palin, like McCain, is a perennial loser, someone whose celebrity can be exploited and sacrificed for political expediency.
        I think the Republicans will be shooting for another dynasty. Someone more teflon, less reproachable,…Huntsman.

  8. Todd, you make me laugh. Thanks.

  9. Jay,

    It’s just history, read some from 1977-1981…you might find it interesting, and informative. Jay, I am willing to bet you a bagel-right here, right now, that Obama is a one-termer…let me know about the bet. By the way, I am good for the bagel…I lost a bagel bet to Susan back in the summer (it was about Obama bouncing the first All-Star game pitch…he nailed it his wife’s jeans, and I paid up) and am good for it. Let me know.

  10. Sorry, but even if you’re proven right, I don’t want a three-year-old bagel. Not even if it’s out of the freezer.

  11. Jay,

    My midwestern upbringing would never allow me to pay off a debt that way…are you really posting at 3:00 a.m. do you have vampire blood in you?

  12. Ayup. Often wake up in the middle of the night, go to the loo, and my brain starts functioning. In that order.

    Back to bed, but my brain isn’t sleepy any more. Damn.

  13. Jac,

    Have you considered using a white-noise machine on your side of the bed? If that doesn’t work, try scotch…three fingers worth should do the trick!

    • I have even tried scotch (well, really something more like a fruity martini actually) and that only worked part way through the night. I have NOT tried a white noise machine and that is a great idea! I think I’ll start dropping hints for one of those for Christmas. Thanks, Todd!

      • Jac,

        While is double-checking his list (rumor has it you are on the good-girl list) put a radio next to your bed and move around the dial and in between actual radio stations you should find the white noise you are seeking. I live on a fairly busy street in Farmington…the noise machine really works for me.

      • I’ll give it a try.

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