Have yourself a green Thanksgiving

Sarah Newman at Takepart (linked here at AlterNet) can help.

5 responses to “Have yourself a green Thanksgiving

  1. On a somewhat related note, a diet high in fruits and veggies and low in dairy and protein may help prevent osteoporosis:


    • Thank you for this. Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive that a diet low in dairy would be good for the bones? I also have friends who limit dairy products and they don’t get colds as much as they used to.

      • I’m just now back from having a routine bone-density scan, and one of the questions was “do you eat 3 or more servings of dairy per day?” I got the impression that it was a GOOD thing in terms of bone strength. Sure isn’t all that good for gall bladders, say, or to avoid congestion in general……

        But oh, ice cream. And oh, Brown Cow maple yogurt with the “cream” on top…….

      • Cynical Susan,

        If you like Brown Cow yogurt I think you’ll love Chobani yogurt. I enjoy vanilla- I have a cup each morning with my coffee and a banana. It’s available at Stop and Shop and Shop Rite-give it a try.

  2. If I understood the article, it’s hard cheeses that are implicated the worst. I like me my yogurt (Cabot Greek-style and store-brand plain low-fat) and am not about to give it up. If it was good enough for my grandmother, who often ate yogury and rice for dinner, it’s good enough for me. Of course, my grandmother also ate plenty of fruits and veggies — she picked and cooked dandelion greens, a feat which I have not been able to reproduce — lentils, rice, chickpeas, …. the authentic “Mediterranean diet.” I try not to eat anything that my grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food, but it’s hard.

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