Sadly, I did not win Lotto last night

I buy a lottery ticket about once every blue moon. This past weekend, I bought two and handed one to my husband.

It wasn’t one of those scratch-n-sniff ones, it was a Classic Lotto, and today, I find that last night’s drawing planted the Money Tree in someone else’s back yard. That’s probably for the best. The few times I’ve been flush I just┬áburned right through it, anyway.

Unless, that is, my husband holds the winning ticket, in which case I am rather quickly going to go buy an inappropriate car and acquire a taste for fancy clothes. As I’ve told my brother, who is far more financially successful than I: Few things are uglier than a hillbilly with cash.

…but my husband left this a.m. to go to New York City…he looked really happy, too…and he’s not returning my calls….dang it!

UPDATE: Mr. DJ is in contact. He left the lottery ticket on his dresser at home. I’ll wait and let him check to see if it’s a winner. All is well.

23 responses to “Sadly, I did not win Lotto last night

  1. Too bad. I would definitely be your BFF if you had won. Does your husband’s phone have a GPS feature. He hasn’t hopped on a plane to an exotic island, has he? That would be a big clue.

    • I should run his credit card (I’m a trained interrogator and tracker-downer, after all) and see if he’s been out there living the high life all day.

  2. Both times that I have seen you, your clothes looked plenty fancy to me…I am wondering what DJ thinks is an inappropriate car.

    • I subscribe to the notion that you canNOT go wrong with black pants and a suit coat. As for an inappropriate car, I guess that would be a car I can’t afford. But if I win Lotto, I can afford just about any ol’ car, actually…

  3. I occasionally play the “If I won an umpetty-gazillion dollar lottery” game in my head. After funding wonderful charities and sending kids to colleges I put a Jaguar high on the list! And a farm with fuzzy critters running about. And a party for all my friends, that means DJ-ers too!

    • I hope you win for real, Sherry, especially if we all get to come to your party!

    • Yeh! They I hope you win because if I win I’ve already gone on record as saying I’ll be stupid and selfish.

    • Okay, if MY powerball ticket comes in tonight, the usual wishes: food – shelter – clothing for a lot of folks; several educations; all that good and important stuff. A better-designed house that feels more airy and light where visitors and I don’t feel quite so constricted. A slightly bigger yard because I’m running out of garden-space but not out of the desire to add more flowers, plus a little more space between my house and the next one. I no longer want a flashy car, they’re too visible to … everybody, but I want one that’s the smallest car that holds all my traveling stuff and gets the BEST mileage AND handles like it’s on a monorail around tight turns. And the ability to respond to whatever traveling-whim occurs.

      • That’s mine, that last one. In all seriousness, I want to travel. A lot. My middle-class income permits me to go some, but not nearly as much as I intend to.

  4. We’d have a great time if we all met. 11 years ago I started frequenting an online bulletin board for breast cancer survivors. We posted and chatted about our experiences. After a while 7 of us seemed to have formed a special friendship and we started Emailing and moved to a few phone calls and the sharing of real names.

    After a year I invited them all to come to my summer cottage in MA. They all came!! They are from: California, Colorado, Indiana, South Carolina, New Jersey and Somerset, UK. It was a seamless meeting. We hugged and laughed for 4 days. Since then we’ve all been together at the same time once more, but each of us has spent time with one or more as often as we can. We’ve vacationed in the UK. The Brit and her husband have vacationed with us. I’ve done Race for the Cure in California and Relay for Life in South Carolina. We’ve met in Las Vegas too~

    Internet buddies can be real ones! We have a goal; To live so long that we can’t remember how we met! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. My husband last night asked me if I wanted a Mercedes (I have no idea why – I think he saw an ad alledging that every woman wants a mercedes) and I said Heck yeah, a diesal mercedes from the 1980s back when they were still good. I’m a very cheap date – you can get those for under 3k.

    • “I said Heck yeah, a diesal mercedes from the 1980s back when they were still good. ”

      Or one of the original 300 SLs, with the gull-wing doors! Apparently the new gull-wing Mercedes does NOT measure up.

    • So is he going to go out and buy you one? Mr. DJ has yet to ask me if I want him to buy me a car. Dang it.

  6. No, he will not be buying me a car. I dont’ even know if he will buy me anything. He’s getting maple syrup from me. (Shhh! Don’t tell!)

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