Thank you

Not gonna get all mushy here — not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent — but I want to say thank you to everyone who visits this blog, who takes the time to post comments, and then returns to continue the conversation.

There have been more nights than I want to admit when I have sat down to my laptop, sin-sick and sorrow-worn (or just sorrow-worn for you agnostics/atheists) and someone will have posted a comment that made me laugh, made me think, and/or made me get on over myself. I am over feeling lousy that the comments so often trump the original posting. I don’t even notice any more. I appreciate the humor and the kindliness, and the ability to stay nose-to-nose without being a twit. Well, mostly without being a twit. You twits know who you are.

So thank you. I mean that. Now get back to your turkey-baking, your tater-peelings, your whatever-you’re-doing-today, and I shall do the same.

27 responses to “Thank you

  1. Turn off the computer and there’s only a dark screen, nothing tangible to hold or file or frame, not from the videos or your e-mail or even these conversations. Turn it back on, open the web, click on Dating Jesus in My History, and here’s this virtual but somehow real place that’s a mix of so many things — international news and personal stories, jokes and tears, new discoveries and old favorites, recognized fact and half-baked theory, and always the stress on civility. It’s no wonder that so many of us hang out here for probably far too much time. Thanks for making and managing and nurturing this space, Susan.


    • Well, hell. What did I just say about the comments trumping the original entries? And I don’t even mind. Big ol’ Interweb kiss backatcha, Cynical: MWAH. Thank you for your civility and your fire, and thank you for the breadth and depth of your experience. Thank you for reading the parts of the Internet I don’t get to, and then calling my attention to it. All of it. Thank you.

  2. *hug*

  3. Thank you, too–for this link to my home state, and to everyone on this board who make it so interesting.

    No thanks to the WordPress people, though. They can do better!

    • They can, but they probably won’t. For those of us who pray, let’s pray for the yahoos at WordPress. And Bro. Jay, thank you for your contributions — both in linkage and in commentage. You are a more-than-welcome (if that is possible) addition here.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you Susan and the gang here at Dating Jesus. I proudly show vistors to my condo my copy of “Dating Jesus” and the inscription you wrote on my inside cover…you are very kind , and always patient with me…and you too are “my favorite sparring partner!”

    Enjoy the food, family, and football!


  5. Speaking for twits everywhere…Thanks for being you.
    Have a good holiday.

  6. Today, I am thankful for my friend Susan and for her Dating Jesus blog which often makes me laugh, sometimes makes me think, and fairly regularly challenges my assumptions about what is best in life and why.

    “Praise the bounty of the harvest
    laid in feast before us here.
    Gifts of earth and gifts of labor,
    hunger’s bite we shall not fear!”

    “Wassail! Wassail! Health unto you.
    May your days be merry.
    Wassail! Wassail! Health unto you.
    All the years of your life.”

  7. Thanks to all here – I like the thought provoking conversation and am grateful that Susan put it all together.

  8. I am new here, but thank you as well. As a “one-foot-in-the-church-one-foot-out” kid, it’s a breath of fresh air for me. No matter where my religion would be in the next few years, this blog is here! :)

    • Exactly. I’ve got both feet but one hand still in, and I am not entirely sure why. If I could go to Sunday school with you, I’d be in church. Sadly…

  9. Thank you, DJ, for creating this little home away from home. I’ve come to rely on the blog as a reliable source for news, intelligent conversation, new ideas, reflection, humor, silliness and connection for me. I can’t begin to describe what that’s meant to me. There are days when I’ve needed to escape and I’ve found distraction and comfort here, too. I always feel good about my visit here and so that will keep me coming back. I am grateful to have found friends here and most grateful that you have provided such a welcome place, dj. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to everyone else here.

    • Happy backatcha. I actually was looking forward to hauling my stuffed carcass to the laptop today to make sure everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I did. I think I’ll skip all my meals tomorrow, but it was a lovely holiday.

  10. I am full of turkey and fixin’s and ready to crash but of course can’t resisit a peek at my pals on DJ. Community is where you make it and I like this one! Even on some rather down days these past 2 weeks (mom sick and now in nursing home) I take a minute to pop in and see what’s up. Susan you are a wonderful leader of thoughts and ideas. Lets stick around and see where this ride goes!!

    • Straight to the pearly gates, for the believers, and straight to wherever agnostics want to go, too. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. We put my mother-in-law in a nursing home and it was wrenching. My thoughts are with you and with your mom.

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