This Sunday’s the First Sunday of Advent

So says Bro. Jay, and he’s suggesting The Clark Sisters to kick it off. And here’s a bit more on Advent, for all you heathens — like me — who never celebrated it.

4 responses to “This Sunday’s the First Sunday of Advent

  1. Happy New Year!

    The explanation is very good.

    Liturgical churches very seldom use solos or quartets. Singing is generally a congregational act, not a performance. (“Liturgy” means “The people’s work.”) But this quartet is nice.

  2. I’m acquainted with many true believers and know how important the Advent season is in the traditions of their faith.
    Jay, I hope you have a happy and meaningful Advent and Christmas. And to all the other faithful here as well…
    Merry Christmas!
    Just because I don’t subscribe to your beliefs doesn’t mean I don’t respect their meaning to you or think I somehow debase myself by showing that respect.
    But that’s old school (agnostic) atheism.
    We’re not very evangelical.

    And the Clark Sisters. Man.
    Does it get any better?
    Nice choice.

  3. Using the Liturgical Year means that you don’t hear a John 3:16 sermon every week.

    Episcopal churches do not use Christmas carols before Christmas Eve, no matter what the provocation. There are Advent carols and hymns, instead.

    It’s sort of like holding your breath underwater, then coming up for a burst of air with the familiar Christmas carols. And the Christmas season goes from Christmas Eve to January 5; the next day is the beginning of the Epiphany season.

    One interesting aspect is that worldwide, the RC, Methodist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian and other churches generally follow thiis calendar, using the three-year lectionary. It’s nice to know that your neighbor church down the street is using the same Bible readings as your church is. And it’s awesome to bring up a website on lectionary texts and see that clergy in Australia and England and Canada are all working on the same texts

    • See, and this is something my Own, True Church missed (though we didn’t talk about John 3:16 every week– more like every third week…). Thank you for this.

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