Let us all speak verrrry quietly…

…but I think I fixed my ailing computer.

I know! I am not even all that bright, but the Internet connection was messed up, so I hit one button and another, and got into Control Panel and did all kinds of fast typing, and now? I think it’s working, but I don’t dare say that very loud because the Computer Gods will hear me and zap it again.


You’d think I’d be doing the Computer Happy Dance, but I have to say it’s kind of a sad day when technology has devolved enough that the likes of me can figure out a glitch. It’s like my world has tilted, just a bit, and I don’t feel good about that. It’s as if I crawled inside someone’s brain and rewired it. Some things should just be out of our reach. Like brains. And computers. And subway maps.

(And I didn’t even have to rely on this.)

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    1. And when I can accurately read one and find my way around a strange place, I feel the same way as I did when I repaired (if we can call it that; let’s see if it holds) my computer. It really is the little things, huh?

  1. It was probably just luck, dj. You really don’t know what you did, right? The fingers did it. You have no training in this. The computer was just toying with you. (I’m trying to make you feel better. Is it working?)

      1. I did three years in a call canter supporting software drivers in Windows ME through XPPro.
        Good luck in Control Panel…ha ha… have you restarted yet?…..
        WAIT! Not now…..
        My best piece of advice….
        Get a Mac. Never look Back.

        1. Mr. DJ says the same thing. However, my current POS laptop was, in its favor, free. It’s hard to argue with free.

  2. “Get a Mac. Never look Back.”

    He’s probably right, but it feels like such a facile suggestion when one has a zillion things on one’s computer and one has to learn at least a few new ways to do things… Not to mention cost.

    1. I transferred my Windows files, MsWord,spreadsheets, and html to the Mac in 10 minutes. All the formatting held, bookmarks remained intact, organization, everything.
      The only thing I had to get used to was the window control buttons were on the left instead of the right, the menu system was actually user friendly and really customizable, and a display that knocks my socks off.
      And the Windows Update.
      I actually kind of miss going to Windows Update and at least two other sites running virus control updates every other day for an hour or so. I used to get some good reading in.
      Three years of using and watching others use and try to abuse the system…10 yr old to craggy fart….and we’ve called support 3 times. Twice to get help getting upgrades across the network and once for an issue that turned out to be originating with Safari.
      If you’re thinking about switching, call them. They have got the nicest support group you’ll ever talk to.
      It’s easy.

      1. Oh…cost…
        I’ve been using the same $600 box for three years…no problems through two upgrades to the OS.
        Mac displays are expensive. But compromises can be made. There are some very good displays out there that are extremely affordable these days. They’re just not spectacular.
        We’re lucky to have two, and a Viewsonic and a Toshiba. Very nice.

    2. I am still more than a little intimidated about replacing my laptop. It’s crappy but it’s MY crappy. And yeah, I have a lot of stuff loaded on here.

      1. Free is good.
        Mac runs MSOffice better than MS. Really.
        And I’m serious about my migration being effortless.
        But I wasn’t loaded down with games and a lot of 3rd party apps which may have caused some compatibility issues. Their support can help.

        1. I will keep that in mind. I really need to do something before I’m laid off and my free computer is snatched away. Mr. DJ swears by his Mac and he’s never once had a virus/bug/so much as a glitch.

          1. Leopard Rocks!
            Mac users these days need to be a little more vigilant than in the past as to viruses and hijacking, but security is much easier to set up and much harder to break down.
            Glitches occur. We have power gamers who can suck all the bandwith into a profile causing slowdowns, but a restart never fails to liven things up.

            1. Oh…..
              If you have personal data on the work laptop, remember nothing is ever really deleted from Windows.
              To prevent prying eyes, before turning it in and after transferring contents to your new Mac, be sure to run a military style reformat on the had drive, (Three reformats minimum with a boot sector wipe each time).

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