Who inspired you this year?

And don’t say me, because that would make you a suck-up.

Beliefnet is choosing the Most Inspiring Person for 2009.

Was it US Airways Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who landed a plane in the Hudson River, saved everyone, and was the last to leave the plane?

Was it Kaleb Eulls, the Mississippi football star [seen above] who tackled a distraught 14-year-0ld girl with a gun, and perhaps saved an entire busload of children — including his younger sisters?

How about Jill and Kevin, the laughing couple from that wedding dance video? They gave us a giggle, then turned their video into a fund-raising tool for an organization that works against domestic violence.

What about the protesters in Iran? Their cause continues.

I do not want to influence your vote. I’ve already voted, and I encourage you to do the same.

(But after reading the stories of these people, I feel like I’ve pretty much wasted my year, so far.)



11 responses to “Who inspired you this year?

  1. Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Dick Cheney, and the Olympic Selection Committee.

    • O-tay. Pick one and make it your write-in vote.

    • Seriously, Palin. I realize that being in the public spotlight does come with some drawbacks…but this woman was treated very poorly by Charlie Gibson and Katie Curic. When Gibson zung (is that a word?) her with the Bush Doctrine question…that was below the belt. I’d bet my last dollar that Gibson was hunting and pecking to find some small part of that doctrine just to trip her up. I’ll never forget the way he looked down his glasses at Mrs. Palin-like she was a convicted criminal.

      I like her spunk, I love that she walks the walk, she’s far smarter than the way she’s treated by the drive-by media…and she’s awfully easy on the peepers! Go Sarah…don’t let anybody bring you down. I hope she makes a ton of money off of her book.

  2. For me it’s pretty simple. My kids inspire me every day. They are the reason I am here today.

  3. I was deeply inspired by a 20-something friend who successfully shed about 100 pounds and achieved his goal of becoming a national guardsman. His unbridled enthusiasm was demonstrated by his declaration, upon being accepted, that “from here on out the only easy day was yesterday!” Here’s to you, Sean. Well done.

  4. I have to say Capt. Sullenberger..anyone who has such incredible skill, courage and knowledge to save 155 lives and therefore affect many generations to come has to be the Most Inspiring Person of the Year for me. I am still amazed when I see him and hear the passengers stories of how they walked away from disaster. His life and integrity still inspire me daily as he uses his fame for moral purpose. It’s been so long since we have had the genuine deal as far as heroes who come and go.

    • You’re right. I can still tear up at the sight of those people standing out on the plane’s wing, realizing that somebody actually set that plane down and saved those lives. And it is incredible that he has used his power for good as he has. Thanks, Kelly.

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