Just say no to sex

This says that True Love Waits (more on that here) is working worldwide — or, at least, it’s expanding. The idea is to encourage young people to avoid sexual activity until marriage — and, once married, to remain faithful to their pledged partner.

While I agree that sexual activity should be delayed until the participant is emotionally capable of making good decisions, there’s something about this that makes me uncomfortable, and I can’t put my finger on what it is. It’s not the incessant quotation of scriptures (that doesn’t scare me) nor do I disagree with the message that sex is something important and not just something you do.

And yet, and yet…

Still, if you’re so moved, sign the pledge card here! And you can buy a purity ring (in Hebrew, yet!) here. Maybe that’s it? The commercialization? Nah, that’s not it. It’ll come to me, I promise.

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  1. Oh, I remember signing one about 7 years ago (cripes, I’m not a kid anymore).

    Now, I’m more relaxed about sex in general. My mom, on the other hand, balks at every mention of the word “sex”. I have to tell her “Sex isn’t inherently bad”, and then she goes on this rant about how I know, since I’m a virgin…yadda yadda. She also comes from a culture where the hymen is like…the golden key to happiness. Phooey.

    Am I an unmarried “undated” virgin? Heck yes, I am. But I am no n00b (newbie) either.

    1. Thank God you spelled that out (newbie) for me, or I’d have felt like an emoticon virgin. Or something. That’s not an emoticon, is it? You wanna talk old?

    1. True. Very true. Is it terribly liberal of me to believe that if we work on kids’ self-esteem, good behavior will follow?

      1. well, let me tell you about the UU kids that I’m allegedly teaching human sexuality to. Every last one of them, UNPROMPTED, said both partners should be responsible for birth control and one boy said “If you can’t discuss this stuff with someone, you shouldn’t be in a relationship with them.” And then they all volunteered that if someone is drunk, that person can’t really consent. I was gobsmacked.

  2. From the link, it treats abstinence as the key to avoiding AIDS and that bothers me. It’s ONE way and to only focus on that way is just wrong. If the objective is to prevent AIDS, then ALL methods should be covered including the use of condoms. There isn’t one “right” way and if the people who do have sex are unprotected because that information wasn’t offered, then what is the real emphasis of this program? That’s what bothers me.

  3. Maybe it’s so offensive to me because it gives me flashbacks of the girls in my christian college that wore their purity rings like a badge of honor…and used it as a way to shame others like, well, err, me.

    1. That’s it. That’s it precisely for me, I fear. The I’m-more-holy-than-you-ness of it.

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