Pink stinks and that’s not just me saying it

A British family is boycotting a store because the toys therein are marketed specifically to boys or girls. Their protest is Pinkstinks.

Catchy, eh? It’s a worldwide movement and let’s pretend it started here. That’s a lie, but whatever, Mary.

And thanks, Sis. Cynical, for the link.

21 responses to “Pink stinks and that’s not just me saying it

  1. Love the “pinkstinks” campaign. I shot the link off to my sister-in-law, mother of a 3 year old who has pink everything. Is it because she chooses it or is it because everything made for 3 year old girls is pink? Hmmm…

  2. Undoubtedly the culture. What are girls’ “favorite colors” in non-Western areas of the world?

    • Cynical? Do you know the answer to this? Because you seem to know a lot about colors ‘n stuff. No pressure, though.

      • When we talked about the pink / blue issue once before, another commenter posted some really good information about this. All I remember from some History of Clothing book was that, originally, pink was used for boys because it was the brighter more … extroverted color, and of course boys are more … extroverted. Or so the reasoning went at the time. And somewhere along the line, the colors got switched, and pink became anathema to men. And then of course marketing became a big deal, et voila. Well, I’m assuming that last part.

  3. My favorite color was blue. But Nigeria was westernized, so my mom still bought me pink, frilly things.

    I only had two Barbies and spent most time with my male cousins, watching Transformers and Power Rangers.

    • My favorite color was and is green.

      • I still love blue, but I’ve been gravitating to black a lot. So new favorite color it is.

        • Most of my clothes are either black or brown. I bought a peach-colored sweater recently (def. NOT my color but it was on sale) and wore it and you’d have thought I wore my bra on the outside for all the attention I got.

          • Good attention or bad attention? “Wow, you should wear that color more often” or “What, did you lose a bet?”

            • Or “What? Was that on sale?” No, it was good attention but kind of disconcerting because I mostly dress to blend in with the woodwork. I don’t wear that sweater too often. Who wants to spend the day saying “Why, thank you. It was on sale.”

              • No no no no. “Why, thank you” is the better answer.

                • I have a friend who does the same thing. You mention something she’s wearing and she immediately tells you how cheap it was. It’s a way to deflect the compliment, probably, but in my case, I was just stating fact.

                  • Yeah but it also kind of diminishes the good will of the compliment.

                    Signed, Ms. Manners

                    • Oh, shut up.

                      Signed, DJ

                      No, I know it’s rude. Someone complimented me today on my super-short-new-haircut (it’s wickedly short; I must learn the art of “no” while sitting in a salon’s chair) and I proceeded to tell her (the complimenter) that it was too short until I realized that wasn’t the appropriate response.

      • Greeen? Ah, the color of money.

  4. Cobalt blue, clear red, teal. I wouldn’t say black or white are favorite colors, but I wear them a lot because I don’t always find “my” colors in the clothes I choose.

  5. I’ve always loved various shades of purple & lavender. As I recall, my little girl bedroom was painted that color, too. I wear that color along with black alot.

    • My favorite bedroom of my girlhood was black-and-white. My mother was horrified. I thought it was cool. Black-and-white bedroom. Black-and-white theology. Perfect.

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