Honestly? Even I have my limits

But I haven’t mentioned how much I love bacon in…ohhhh…a  day or two. And thanks, BuzzFeed, for the food for thought. Get it? Food for…oh, never mind.

14 responses to “Honestly? Even I have my limits

  1. This bad-boy has smoked applewood bacon…come DJ, you have to give it a shot!

  2. No, Todd. We love DJ and want her to live to be a hundred.

    • Jay,

      I love DJ too…but part of life is enjoying good food…last week we all were able to see the bacon/cheese mug…now this! Nothing wrong satisfying a craving or two. However…Jac you might be on to something with DJ and this bacon cheese thing. Is there a 12 step program for bacon and cheese?

      I can see it now, in a basement meeting at St. Mary’s church, DJ stands up and announces to 15 other people the following:

      Hi I am Susan…and I am bacocheeseaholic.

      the 15 members all very loudly respond:

      HI SUSAN!

      • All perfectly plausible except I’d have to meet in a fundamentalist church basement or the roof would fall in. Well, hell. The roof’d probably fall in, anyway.

    • Won’t happen. Emphatically won’t happen. I don’t want to live past the day when I remember my middle name, which is…wait a second, it’s coming to me…

  3. First it’s the cheese-filled bacon mug and now this. DJ, you need help. You are addicted to obscene amounts of bacon!

  4. DJ continues her story to the 15 other bacocheesaholics:

    DJ: I remember being a small four year old girl and my parents took the entire family to the diner after Sunday services. I told the waiter I wanted two sunny side up eggs and toast. I don’t remember who, perhaps it was my preacher brother…he said Hey, Susan-have some bacon with those eggs. I said OK because well, he’s older and like I said he’s a preacher.
    I tried the bacon and it was heavenly…salty, crunchy, slab of goodness. I was hooked.

    I hit rock bottom when I was in college-my roommate was away so I had the room to myself, and I ate the whole package…I knew it was wrong, but bacon is the friend that’s always there for you. Once at the mall, a Munson’s salesman asked me if I wanted to try a chocolate covered pretzel, I said no…then he said “How about a slice of chocolate covered bacon?” He told me the first one was free. OMG chocolate and bacon together what a treat!

    At the height of my bacon addiction I would collect soda and beer cans to get enough cash to support my Munson’s habit. I hit rock bottom the day I sold my blood to the American Red Cross to get a fix. It was Christmas time and I quickly ran outside of the mall and wolfed down the sweetness. I heard a mother tell her child not to stare at me.

    Now I am strong…when I go to a diner for eggs…I order tofu! :)

    • This is sadly close to true, save for the going to a diner with eggs and no bacon. But I’m about to watch Jac’s helpful video…

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