A little less conversation…

Dear DJers — and you know who you are — for the next few days, starting in about an hour when I head up to the airport to make a pick-up, I am entertaining family and taking a break.

This blog was born a year ago. I started it on advice of my publisher to push book sales. I believe I’ve sold one book through these efforts, because in general people read the book (if they read the book) and then find this blog.

No matter. I had to stop and think because I’d forgotten why I started it, anyway. Since it’s birth, I’ve posted something like 3,500 entries, and read 22,000 comments. And this is the first time I’ve stepped away for a breather and I have to admit, it feels weird.

But I want to spend time with visiting family, and I promised myself I would work on a new book project (currently only in fetal form) before the year is up. Otherwise, I will do what I’ve been doing, which is sit down to check the blog and look up and it’s an hour later and I’m still laughing from something someone said.

Hey! Look! A chicken!

Oh, sorry.

I love you all, and in my absence, please feel free to chat among yourselves. I will return mid-week because I don’t think I can stay away from these conversations a moment longer than that. I’ll sign back on and you can talk me down from whatever height I’ve scaled, just like always.

MWAH. Big Internet kiss. Onward! Into the fray! And stuff!

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  1. Awww, I’ll miss you! Have fun and savor the moments.

    Peace…for now.

  2. Be sure to come back! And not just in midweek. We need you! We are DJ junkies, we are!

    And thanks to your publisher for this brilliant idea.

  3. I love ya, dj, and am glad that you’re taking whatever time you need. I am so grateful for what you’ve created here and know that you’ve put more into it than I suspect you originally imagined. I feel fortunate to have been a beneficiary of your efforts and friendship this past year. Thank you and MWAH back at you. -Jac

  4. Holy crow! That’s a lot of entries! Congrats and enjoy a well-earned break. I’ll catch up on the 500 or so entries I missed while you’re gone.

  5. You deserve a well earned break.
    I honestly don’t know how you juggle your job, two blogs and family and remain sane.
    I promise I’ll try and behave myself.
    No, I really promise.
    I’ll try.
    ……in just a few minutes…….

  6. Mario Saccoccio

    OK, leave already! Enough with those long, dramatic goodbyes! We have lives too, and we don’t need you! Wait! What did I say? I didn’t mean that! I’m sorry, Susan. Please stay, don’t go! Suuuusan, Pleeeease stay?

  7. Oh no, withdrawal pangs! No, no, don’t worry about us, we’ll survive, wandering lonely and afraid on the Internet. But don’t give it a thought, we’ll all be sitting at our keyboards waiting for you!!

    Seriously, have fun with your family. I’ll be settling my mother into a fabulous place down here in CT. She’s reached a rather charming time her life. She has lost touch with most of reality but is happy and overjoyed when she is with us. She lives in the minute and makes a new friend every time someone says hello. That is the best part of Alzheimers! She’ll be a Nutmegger and I do believe that when I visit with her I’ll read her your columns! She’ll love you! See ya!

  8. Wow. This feels so…sudden. What will I do with my time? I don’t want to post on my own blog. Booooorrrrring. But if we need a place to chat, fellow DJers can stop by and I’ll throw up some titles like, “Look! A Socialist!” or maybe “God’s a Foreign-Born Elitist” and see what happens? I just can’t promise any content. Enjoy your time off, DJ.

    • Socialist?
      Did I hear someone say Socialist?
      Chomsky Speaks!
      And he speaks again!
      Okay. That’s more libertarian socialist/anarchist.
      How about…
      John Pilger Speaks! (really)
      And he writes!

    • Post something here, Vegas. I’m terrible at thinking of topics which is why I rely on DJ. Oh wait, I just remembered that I have one of those conversation starter sets. I’ll pick a card at random and post it. Hang on, I’ll be right back….

      Okay, here it is:

      “If you were going to run away from your current life where would you go?”

      If you don’t like that one then how about this one:

      “What was your strangest date ever?”

      • It will be pretty funny if DJ comes back to a comment explosion!
        Okay, I’d never run from my current life but if I were going to I would go somewhere remote and go into training for the FBI.
        Strangest date ever…hmm, I didn’t have a lot, I had two long term relationships, the second of which continued in marriage so…
        I had one where I was still hung up on my ex (now husband) and I had also just had my tongue pierced. So we went out to eat and I was in a lot of pain and probably not talking well. Then we went out for ice cream and I actually TOOK A CALL from my ex. It’s a wonder the guy I was out with still talks to me but he does!

      • At least the ice cream cooled off your tongue so your “ex” could understand you. How awkward! Did you say you’d call back or actually have a conversation right there?

        I’ll think on the first question, but my strangest date was when I was about 18. After an especially fun night out, he asked me if I’d like some popcorn. It was around midnight and heck who can refuse popcorn. He had a job at a cinema and so we went there. He had keys so I figured it was ok. We went in and while he was getting a bucket of popcorn, I was running around thinking it was cool to be there in an empty theater. As I wandered off, he called me back and informed me that we had to get out quickly because the silent alarm would have the police there soon. I went from skipping around like a nut to running out of there as fast as I could. Sheesh! I had no idea!

      • Mario Saccoccio

        Strange dates? Well, since my generation was one of the last to actually date, as opposed to “Hooking up,” I’ve had a few. I was just out to dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend, and he told me of a strange date that his friend was out on. He met this girl thru a dating service, and on the day of his third date, his friend gave him two tickets for a NY Ranger hockey home game. His date was thrilled, met him at a commuter train lot, took the train together, got into the game and they were having (according to him) a wonderful time, when she got up to go to the ladies room. She asked if he wanted a beer on her way back. He said yes. After a somewhat long period of time, he became worried and sent her a text. No reply. He called her cell phone, no answer. He waited some more, contacted security and left. Her car was not at the commuter lot when he arrived, and has never heard from her since! “Was it something he said? Did he “take IT out?” I asked. To this day, the guy cannot figure out just what happened!

      • Mario, I asume she was ok. I would have been worried about that. If she just took off for some reason, the guy must be completely confused. That’s very odd and so far takes the prize for the strangest date. (Just don’t expect prize money. DJ never pays.)

  9. Enjoy the break Susan, you truly deserve it. Perhaps now I can build the drawer I bought at an IKEA Presidents’ Day sale. I keep walking past the box, day after day, asking myself do I really want spend three hours building something and have all those “extra” leftover parts once I am done? It would however, be nice to have an extra drawer to put away my spring and summer stuff. Have fun Susan! I will miss the back and forth.

    • Mario Saccoccio

      Greetings, Todd! I did not know this site existed! Glad I found you guys here! Just like that weenie DJ to sneak away!

      • Mario,

        Great to find you here too. Did you win the gravy throwdown? Dying to find out…need all of the details.

        I am making sauce today (I promised my class a lasagna…and I would never, ever, use jar sauce for my tasty treat.

  10. Since there’s no way for us commoners to open a new topic like other platforms can, here’s a new topic–

    Pigs can fly!


  11. What every body else said. Have great break but don’t actually break anything else!

  12. A conversation explosion? Doubtful, with this clunky format.

    We only get to see the last eight messages. And there’s no way for us to add new topics.

    WordPress has other versions that work much better. For example,

  13. Leftover, thanks for visiting! I LOVE the picture you linked.

    • You’re welcome.
      I love that spot. That park is what’s left of the private property once belonging to one of the city’s wealthier citizens. It sat neglected and overgrown for decades until the city made a park of it in the ’60’s.
      There used to be a large log from a deadfall right where they (eventually) put the bench and developed the path. I was so glad. That log just wasn’t doing it for me anymore.
      It’s rare to see that area without people milling around. Probably a chilly day.

  14. So okay. You’re sitting around wondering how to fill the void left by the absence of our host.
    If you are, like many, who are scratching their head trying to wrap their mind around the President’s Orwellian logic of “War is Peace,” you might want to take a look at an excellent BBC documentary from 2004, The Power of Nightmares.
    It’s a three part series. The third segment, (The Shadows in the Cave), is probably the most interesting.
    The first two segments explore the rise of Islamic extremism and jihad juxtaposed against the rise of neoconservative zealotry in the United States. The third segment has some valuable insights, but the first two segments, by glossing over some issues and avoiding others, tends to paint a rather one sided picture of the evolution of politics in America.

    For instance, the documentary tends to portray evangelical Christian involvement in government as beginning with Reagan, when actually the roots of that involvement go back as far as The Kennedys and Carter. The exploitation of that involvement by neoconservative revolutionaries like The Kristols, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld in pursuit of their Straussian vision is significant, but Christian inroads into government had been forged much earlier.
    Also, the producer avoids any reference to the rise of neoliberalsim in the Democratic Party. Failing to provide even a cursory examination of the introduction of faith-based, free-market, rational self-interest morality(?) into liberal politics makes Clinton comes off as a persecuted hero instead of a hypocritical neoliberal opportunist. But there is a valuable history lesson in the first two segments.

    It takes two to Tango, and the producer seems to miss that point in his analysis.
    But the third segment is definitely worth watching.
    “In a society that believes in nothing, fear becomes the only agenda. Whilst the 20th century was dominated between a conflict between a free-market Right and a socialist Left, even though both of those outlooks had their limitations and their problems, at least they believed in something, whereas what we are seeing now is a society that believes in nothing. And a society that believes in nothing is particularly frightened by people who believe in anything, and, therefore, we label those people as fundamentalists or fanatics, and they have much greater purchase in terms of the fear that they instill in society than they truly deserve. But that’s a measure of how much we have become isolated and atomised rather than of their inherent strength.”

  15. That sounds really interesting. Do you think religion was used as a power play pre-Reagan? I thought the badgering and threats really began around that time. Of course, that’s also where my own history of politics begins. My first political rally as a young child was to see Reagan and I was weaned on 700 Club and Focus on the Family. My mother was a chapter leader for Concerned Women for America.
    What names and what kinds of affiliations ran things before that? I always got the sense that the Catholics were more involved prior to Reagan but all the Catholics I knew were democrats, there wasn’t the same focus on social policies.

    • I think before Reagan, Christian influence in government was mostly behind the scenes, (Catholic), but with the advent of Billy Graham, Protestant influence began to grow into a significant force, but still largely behind the scenes.
      It wasn’t until the neoconservatives, with their Straussian vision. looking to exploit the power of the Evangelical movement, did the power of organized religion, its ability not only to influence millions at the polls but to produce millions in campaign contributions, come to the forefront. Christian activism was seen as a way to provide the meaning and substance to American lives which they saw as decayed by Liberal domination of politics. And so the culture wars began, started, in effect, by men who weren’t particularly religious, but who saw organized religion as a way to advance their vision.
      Leo Strauss, the obscure philosopher behind their vision is profiled in segments one and two. He’s an interesting fellow. His vision for America was deeply rooted in television: Gunsmoke and Perry Mason.
      It is in his writings the beginnings of our policy of preemptive conflict, (bringing force to bear against any plausible threat…with, by definition, totalitarian regimes constituting plausible threat) can be found.

      • “And so the culture wars began, started, in effect, by men who weren’t particularly religious, but who saw organized religion as a way to advance their vision.”

        I’m not so sure it was as one-sided as this sounds, leftover. I think the two sides exploited each other to get what they wanted. Actually, I think the religious end has the upper hand because they can influence not only conservatives, but liberals, too. I’m thinking of the influence the Catholic Church has on many social issues. Some Democrats are reluctant to go against the Catholic church, too. e.g. U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops uses its power especially with conservative Democrats in swing congressional districts

      • I agree, Jac. I think there’s much more to the dynamic than what’s portrayed in the documentary.
        I agree the Catholics had established inroads into government decades before the evangelical movement went fully mainstream. But I think the documentary is accurate as portraying the neoconservatives as playing a key role in getting the evangelical message ensconced into he daily lexicon.
        There’s also the role media and corporate America played. A much more inclusive dynamic than what is in the documentary.

        But I remember you posted something earlier about Al Qaeda…

        “I don’t understand why more hasn’t been done to go after al-Qaida. If we know they’ve been in Pakistan for the last 7-8 yrs, why haven’t we found them? Why do we continue to battle elsewhere? They are the severe threat. Why aren’t we going to the source instead of being distracted by battles with possible al-Qaida enablers?”

        …which I think the third segment deals with. It makes some assertions you might be interested in.
        Who created “Al Qaeda?”
        Why? Why can’t we find them?
        Those types of questions.
        The politics of terror. How it originated. How it’s used in promoting never-ending wars of counterinsurgency.
        The first two episodes are interesting in comparing the parallel development of neoconservatism and Islamic jihad.
        But the third segment gets downright spooky.

  16. Mario Saccoccio

    “A tie is as good as a win.” Yeah, I considered it a moral victory, as I was not exactly on neutral turf. The judges said that they were both good, and, again, they were compared to the wallpaper paste that my ex makes!
    Good luck with the Lasagna. Don’t take it too hard if the “Chef Boy-Ar-Dee” crowd gives you the thumbs-sideways! Microwave Mac’n Cheese, anyone? I’ll be cooking Chili at the Hartford Armory next Saturday for Gov. Rell’s “Operation E.l.f.” The families of Servicemen & Woman overseas are, as as group, a lot easier to please than my ex and your students!

    • Mario,

      A tie certainly beats a kick in the teeth. Susan and I were both worried about the judge ,and you being on the road.

      Ribeye steak makes an awesome chili…a little expensive…but the marbling of the ribeye gives you a ton of flavor! Good luck…my brother lives in Texas and he told me to use dried beans and only add them at the end. Allow the meat and tomatoes and seasoning to get happy, then fold your beans in at the last minute…mushy beans make for a sad bowl of red.

  17. Mario Saccoccio

    I asked my Daughter’s boyfriend for an update on the story, as all we know so far is that his calls went unanswered, with a few pick-ups/hand-ups tossed in. His date was a teacher, so I suggested having him call the school to see if she was there. Strange story, indeed!

    • With a story like that, I think it might be good news if she just didn’t want to continue the date. Good for both, I suppose.

  18. Just because it’s Sunday and DJ isn’t here to pass on a Sunday Sermon tidbit, here’s a little something to celebrate the 2nd Sunday of Advent.
    Hope & Peace to all.

  19. Mario Saccoccio

    We will be using ground chuck for this Event, as it is to be “home style.” For my competition Chili that I cook for the ICS (International Chili Society,) I use either Tri-tip or Flat iron for my “Red.”By rules, no beans, rice or pasta can be in the chili. Anything else, like chunks of peppers or onion and you will not get any points for your judging “Cup.” It is basically a pot of Chili (what kind(s) of powers you use makes the Chili) flavored sauce, using powdered garlic and onions, stock, 5oz tomato sauce with little chunks (3/16″ x 3/16″) of meat, “not too dry, not too mushy!” Green Chili, or Salsa Verde, uses pork and is predominantly green. Yum! There are three categories in competition Chili, Red, Green and Salsa. I have placed the past 3 yrs with my Salsa, but could not swing going to the World Championships. Like everything else, It’s either time or money. These days, It’s a little guy that’s putting a cramp in my style! Oh, well! Another 15 1/2 years and he’ll be off to Collage, If Obama doesn’t screw up the economy any more that he and the rest of the “Gang of Four” have done! What, DJ? Nothing to say? Awful quiet when the ‘ol girls gone!

    • Mario,

      Your chili sounds killer! I prefer chili sans the beans…I hope you win and knock their socks off next weekend!
      My lasagna sauce smells pretty darn good, I used two packages of Lamberti’s sausage, and a nice beef shank pan-fried in EVOO and three cloves of garlic.

      Kick butt next weekend my friend!

      • Mario Saccoccio

        Actually, Todd, It is a charity event, not a competition. We will be feeding families who will be bringing their kids to see Santa and take home some gifts as well. I get to hob-knob with Gov. Rell (Sen. Dodd was there last year, and I bit my tongue so I wouldn’t say “Countrywide!) My grandson will be with us, like blood chum for the politicians, for their photo ops. Dangling babies in front of politicians is like dangling whiskey and car keys in front of teenage boys! (apologies to P.J. O’Rourke!)

  20. Mario Saccoccio

    Amen to the date and Amen to your video post!

  21. Did anyone watch Saturday Night Live last night? What did you think of the Tiger Woods sketch? I’m usually a SNL fan – when I can stay awake for it. I thought this was inappropriate, especially since Rihanna was the guest musical artist. In case you missed it, here it is:

    • I saw this. It made me uncomfortable because it didn’t make me uncomfortable you know? If this were reversed it would be horrifying but as it is it didn’t bother me. With bothers me. Plus it just went ON AND ON forever, the curse of SNL.

      • It reminded me of a really long, drawn out version of that picture that’s been circulating. What bothered me about it is:
        It accuses Elin of domestic violence based on news of her hitting the car. (Given the situation, I think there’s a big difference.) It made her out to be the bad one.
        It turned domestic violence into a comedy sketch. If it had been the other way around, it would have been less funny. Why? Because it’s more likely and more common. Either way, it’s not funny. The sketch was more acceptable because it’s less likely to be true, I think.
        Rihanna was on that show – what were they thinking?

  22. Mario Saccoccio

    So I guess the lesson here is that it’s OK for a wife to beat a cheating husband, but if it’s the Woman caught cheating, and the husband beats her, that’s wrong. Just like female predators posing as teachers get away with a slap on the wrist for violating young boys, where Men in that same situation would be strung up. Violence as a means to an end is wrong, regardless of your sex, just like statuary rape is wrong as well. I hope everyone felt uncomfortable watching that.

    • Exactly, Mario. It’s bad. It’s bad enough that I didn’t *feel* it, even though I know it.

      • Someone sent me a picture of Tiger Woods standing next to his wife, with his face photo shopped with scars, welts and a golf ball stuck in his ear. It was amusing for about 1/10 of a second, then disturbing. The pain of infidelity within a family is not funny. Marriage is a sacrament with bonds that tie deep within families, friends, Church and State. Thank god that their daughter is only a toddler.

      • “Someone sent me a picture of Tiger Woods standing next to his wife, …”

        Yeah I got that one too. I just deleted it.

      • Someone sent that picture to me, too. I didn’t like it and didn’t send it on to anyone. There’s nothing funny about domestic violence and do we know if there was any domestic violence? I thought his wife, Elin, used the club on the car, not on him.
        I heard the count of “indiscretions” is up to 7 now. Rumors are flying. He should be ashamed of himself.

      • Vegas, do you think that maybe you weren’t bothered by it because at present, there is no evidence of a personal attack on Tiger? (just apparently an attack on the car)
        It’s hard to see the guy as a victim of something that’s not been confirmed when all evidence points to his betrayals.

      • I do think that if he had been hit it would be different and I would have had a different reaction.
        It’s also an issue of seeing someone smaller hit a larger, stronger person vs seeing a larger, stronger person hit someone smaller than them.

    • Mario,

      You were at a chili charity last year with Dodd, and you didn’t ask him for mortage tips…you incredible restraint! Tell me, did they serve waitress sandwiches last year in honor of Dodd?

      • Mario Saccoccio

        Ouch, Todd! No, no tips from the Sen. although we did have a nice conversation about the now late Sen. Kennedy and his health. Sad, though the “Senior Senator from Massachusetts” and I were about as far apart politically as two people could be, his passing marked time for me in a way that makes me realize that I am no longer young and I see my generation falling by the wayside. Lets hope that Dodd and Kennedy attract no followers! “The war is over, Lewbowski! The bums lost!”

      • Mario,

        I am surprized that the Great One, Chris Dodd, actually found time to speak with you. Last Jan at the Nobel Peace prize winner’s inauguration, my girlfriend asked Dodd if he would pose with her two sons. Both of her sons are officers in the U.S. Air Force and were in uniform…Dodd looked at her as if she asked about his sweetheart Countrywide mortage deals.

        Totally feeling you about the marking of time comment you wrote about. I was watching college football game with my 67 year old father, as the camera panned in on the quarterback’s face I said “Dad, is it just me, or do some of these college kids look like they are 12 years old?” He told me no, it’s just that I am getting older. The camera then showed a couple of very cute cheerleaders, and my 14 year old son said something about wanting to go the prom with them…I remember putting him in his car seat leaving Bristol Hospital the day after he was born…now cheerleaders, and proms…oh no!

  23. I’m tardy to the party, but I’ve always wondered what Susan’s other blog is. *scratches head*

    And I, too, was not amused when I saw that Tiger pic. But if it were reversed, oh boy.

  24. Tiger’s getting almost as much play living as MJ got dying.
    I liked the piece they had at The Onion. Some fine work by the TFB Unit.

  25. Susan, you really are cynical!

    • “Susan, you really are cynical!”

      Yeah, I really am. But I’m not sure what this refers to, specifically — the fact that I chose not to forward but instead deleted the “joke” picture of Tiger and his wife, in which his face is battered, even though it’s supposed to be funny?

  26. Imagine
    If we could just
    Give Peace a Chance
    No more
    We could all
    Come Together
    It would be a

    All You Need Is Love

    29 years ago today……

  27. Mario Saccoccio

    Strange, I can remember where I was when President Kennedy was killed, where I was when I heard that Nixon resigned (floating in a tube in a pool in Tuscon, drinking a Margarita,) I even know where I was when Lowell George died. I don’t remember where I was when I heard that John was killed. Strange, as I miss him the most out of them all.

    • …I was at work. They had to take me off shift….I just could not wrap my mind around somebody wanting to murder John Lennon…..

      One of these days, folks will recognize how influential George and Little Feat were….
      Every time I listen to Bonnie Raitt play guitar I hear Lowell in there. They helped change the way the world listened to slide guitar.

    • Thanks for mentioning Lowell…..
      Kinda lifted me outa my funk….

      Dixie Chicken with Bonnie, EmmyLou and Jesse.

    • I was a 14 year old high school freshman watching Monday Night Football (Pats vs. Colts) and Howard Cosell announced to the nation that Lennon had been shot near his NY home. This was back in the day when MNF meant something-no internet, (Gore hadn’t invented it yet), no ESPN, just three major networks.

      I was born four months after Kennedy was killed-but I do remember Reagan being shot, and Al Haig informing the nation that he, not VP George H.W. Bush, was in charge. I live in the same town as Haig, I remember seeing him at the supermarket when I was younger…to use a word my sons use: Haig was a tool.

  28. Hoy-Hoy!

  29. Todd,
    I was told by the “Reverend” Donald Wildmon that Playboy magazine was evil. That day, I subscribed to the Playboy. I canceled my subscription when my Daughter turned 18. Truck drivers all look like babies to me. We often forget when professional athletes mess up that they are just 19~26 year old kids! The average age of a B-17 WWll bomber crew was 19! DO YOU FEEL THOSE BONES CREAKIN’ YET?

  30. I woke this morning after having an epiphany. Why is the letter “W” pronounced double-U, when it looks like A double “V?”

    • I’ve always liked the Spanish pronunciation for that reason.

    • And did you ever notice that on some buildings, the carved letter U sometimes looks like a V. I’m all for spreading rumors. Perhaps the V’s are trying to take over the U’s.

    • “Why is the letter “W” pronounced double-U, when it looks like A double “V?””

      In French it’s “double-vay” (or let’s see if I can get the sound right here: doo-bla vay).

  31. Mario Saccoccio

    When I was living in Denver, we had a full size cardboard likeness of Tom Waites that we would place in the front window whenever we were out backpacking in the mountains. No one ever broke into our place!

  32. Mario Saccoccio

    Maybe there is no “U.” Why is there a letter “C” when you could pronounce Cat with a”K?”

  33. Maybe this will do the trick…

    … these are too funny not to pass on.

    The police asked Tiger’s wife how many times she hit him. “I don’t know exactly…put me down for a 5.”

    Phil Mickelson contacted Tiger’s wife to pick up tips on how to beat Tiger.

    What’s the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a ball 400 yards.

    Tiger Woods wasn’t seriously injured in the crash, but he’s still below par.

    What were Tiger Woods and his wife doing out at 2:30 in the morning? They went clubbing

    Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. He couldn’t decide between a wood and an iron.

    Ping just offered Elin an endorsement contract for her own set of drivers; to be named Elin Woods…”clubs you can beat Tiger with.”

    Tiger just changed his nickname but still kept it in the cat family–his new name?: Cheetah

    Tiger was driving an Escalade, can he blame the accident on his caddy?

    Hello Mister Woods this is the On Star operator we have detected that an angry person has put a golf club through your window, we are contacting Nike for a new club.

    Who among us doesn’t hear a car crash and immediately grab the closest golf club we can find??!!

    Tiger’s new movie: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hydrant.

    Tiger Woods owns lots of expensive cars. Now he has a hole in one.

    Poor choice; he should have gone with the driver.
    Silly puns…Gotta love ’em!

  34. Mario, you cracked me up~ I’ve only been an observer of this wonderful long chain of DJ bloggers. A lot going on in my life this week and I’ll get back to adding my 2 cents worth soon. Are we going to get to 100 posts to this before our fearless leader returns?

    • I think we might get there. 97 and counting. Maybe Mario will have another epiphany tomorrow morning. Or, I could grab another card from my conversation starter set. On second thought, maybe it’s best to wait for DJ’s return.

    • Fearless? Nay. She’s skeered to replace this version of WordPress with something that works better.

      DJ, I double-dog-dare you!

  35. Mario Saccoccio

    Wow! I had a dream that Jac was standing on a train platform, waiting for DJ to return when all of a sudden…There is nothing more exciting than remembering your dreams, and nothing more boring than listening to someone tell you theirs! So, who’s going to be the lucky 100th post?

  36. Post 100, and not so lucky. I can’t go back to sleep because I just received a message that my grandma passed. So, I’m going to try and get some sleep, but my heart is so broken right now. :(

  37. Mario Saccoccio

    So sorry to hear of your loss. Why do people call at all hours of the night to tell you ASAP that someone passed? Grieving people need sleep, too! My ringer on both phones types here are off at night, even the fax ringer is off! Drives my wife crazy! Take care.

    • Well, it was my dad, and it was his mom, and I have no idea what he’s feeling right now. I guess in his grieving, he didn’t care it was 5 a.m. over here – he just had to tell me.

      Otherwise, I would’ve rolled over and checked the text now (just getting up). But imagine if I just found out now. I won’t go to class. :(

      My mom usually waits to tell me the day after, when I’m fully rested, but after losing three brothers and both parents, I could understand the urgency from Dad.

      I was named after her. I remind him of her, so yeah.

  38. Neu, I’m very shorry about your grandma. Grandparents are so important to our lives.

  39. Enjoy your holiday Susan!

  40. Neu,

    I am very sorry to read about your sad news Neu. I hope that the next week sees you sharing wonderful stories about your grandmother.

  41. Rest eternal grant to her, O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon her. May her soul, and the souls of all the departed, rest in peace.

  42. Mario Saccoccio

    I keep forgetting that not everyone has a land-line phone in their homes. When I wake, I turn the phone ringers back on and check the answering machine. I even have a non-cordless phone in the kitchen so that in my worst-case scenario where the power goes out and “Muslim baby killers” topple the cell tower system, at least I can call for a pizza! My kids only have cell phones in their homes, so looks like it’s P&J for them! I have a water filter, plenty of freeze-dried meals, two Coleman white gas stoves, one propane Coleman stove, a Coleman oven, two backpacking stoves, (one butane, one gas,) 4 butane single burner stoves, a propane “Turkey fryer” style propane burner and a three burner propane stove with the optional grill attachment. I can even keep my food cold with my 12 volt cooler. The biggest problem is making toast. It never seems to come out just so, even with my “Camping toaster” that works on my gas stoves. Now if I can just find some more 9 mm shells, I’ll be all set!

    • What on earth does one person do with that many burners? Are you cooking meth?

      • Mario Saccoccio

        Hey, blabber-mouth! Don’t get me busted! I have had one of the Coleman stoves since 1971, so I upgraded. The propane one came as a package deal with my wife. She won the Turkey fryer 2 years ago at a Chili cook-off, It never left the box! The backpacking stoves are specialty stoves for, well, backpacking! The butane stoves are for Chili cook-offs. The three burner is also used for chili cook-offs. Oh, yes! I have a Sterno stove as well!

    • Good luck finding 9mm!
      The local manufacturer here has expanded twice since January and still can’t keep up with demand.

  43. Wal marts will occasionally get in a box or two.
    Why the quiet before the storm? DJ is out there, waiting. whispering. Taking notes and planning her next move. Let’s be ready!

    • And I’m still standing on the train platform waiting for dj….because you didn’t tell me what happened after “suddenly” and didn’t tell me what time she’d arrive.

      Oh well, I suppose I’ll just hop on the next train that comes along. I’ll be off the grid for awhile.

      P.S. Welcome back, dj!

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