I’ve never been a huge fan of stained glass windows

Mostly because we didn’t have them at the Fourth and Forest church of Christ (though we did have padded pews and carpeting and air conditioning).

But I don’t feel like crowing at this link sent by Bro. Jay. A Vermont church is selling its Tiffany original stained glass window¬†so they can stay open. You can read more here.

If you go to a house of worship, how much decoration do you have? Given my pared-down theology, I’m uncomfortable with padding the pews too much, but I recognize this just might be me being a pill.

13 responses to “I’ve never been a huge fan of stained glass windows

  1. The principle of making a church beautiful through stained glass windows, incense, statues and the like is to involve all the senses inasmuch as possible. This includes physical posture–kneeling, standing, moving to the altar rail.

    Church is not simply listening to a sermon. It should involve other parts of the body than the ears and brain.

  2. Here’s one of the Big Enchiladas–

  3. I love light-through-colored-glass. I even sometimes love this artform in churches, but that’s more due to the artistry and colors and style than it is due to what’s represented.

    As DJ often says, I’m firmly of two minds about this — I’m sorry that the people who get to see this historic window every few days are probably going to lose it to someone who will lock it up in a private home, but I applaud the church for wanting to carry on the programs which clearly have such value.

  4. Pull out the Bible and read the last 5 chapters of Exodus and see how ornate God wanted the tabernacle which was the Jewish place of worship as they wandered on their way to the promised land.
    If a Catholic church somewhere was selling their stained glass windows depicting the stations of the cross-I would encourage our church to purchase them and install them in the auditorium. And if they wanted sell the sculpture of Christ on the cross–buy it too.
    The important thing is to use them to glorify our God!

  5. Jeepers, padded pews? Our UCC church only has two back rows that are padded for the elderly and tender of the bottom! I currently have sciatica and don’t think I could sit through a service on our rock hard New England maple pews right now!!

    We also don’t have stained glass as I’m sure its not Puritanical enough. UCC may be a bastion of liberal thought but it is conservative with its decor.

    But do check out the rose windows at the Trinity College Chapel and while there look at the exquisite carvings on all the pew ends. But that’s Anglicans for ya!

    • Seen ’em. They’re beautiful. I was at a wedding there recently and kept staring at those beautiful windows. Maybe deep-down, I’m Episcopal. Just kidding, Bro. Jay! I would never bring the standards of your church down that low!

      • Hey, DJ, they even took me in–a former UCC who went to a Methodist college but attended a Presbyterian church, went to an interdenominational seminary and ended up an Episcopal priest married to a (formerly) Quaker girl!

        Fear not!

  6. Cupholders, people. Yep, I go to one of *those* churches!

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