The 19th Duggar

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar welcomed their 19th child, Josie Brooklyn, by C-section at a Little Rock hospital. The Duggars are famous for their unscripted television show¬†on TLC, “18 Kids and Counting.” The two became grandparents in October.

Here’s the Duggars’ video thank-you.

And thanks, Daily Beast, for the link.

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      1. Am I going to Hell, again? I am already going, due to the Ham & Swiss sandwich I had one Friday while fishing off Montauk Point in 1967.
        Speaking of Swiss Cheese, A friend was entertaining some customers from Switzerland, and he took them to some famous sandwich shop around DC, when the clerk asked if they wanted “Swiss Cheese” on their sandwich. They were stunned.They had to be shown the cheese, since they know of many cheeses from their Country, but had never heard of Swiss Cheese. “Ah, Emmentaler” was their response. “Yes, Emmentaler, please!” Now when I go to a “Grinder” shop and the clerk asks in that automated, surly, mush-mouth tone, “What kinda cheese do you want on it?’ I no longer say, “Bavarian Goat cheese, please!” Now I ask for the Emmentaler!

        1. Big show-off! I came back here ordering “Canadian bacon,” which is, I’m told “back bacon.” Or maybe someone was just trying to make me look stupid.

    1. Mario,

      You should write comedy! I just spat OJ all over my screen!

      I hope this baby will be OK. I was born three months premature (way back in 1964) I only weighed two pounds… and besides being a Republican, a sports nut, and conservative…I had no side effects.

      Clown car…Mario, that was awesome!

      1. Sorry about the OJ, Todd, and with what the environmentalists are doing to California growers over some little fish no bigger then a minnow, OJ is not cheap! However, I did not write that, Dennis Miller did, in response to “Octo-Mom” and her brood. My ,who lives with us, was 3’4oz at birth due the beatings that my stepdaughter endured while in her third trimester. He’s fine, will probably be a conservative, and since he has been to Yankee Stadium twice, a die-hard Yankee fan!

        1. I guess I’m mostly saddened about the Yankees part. Conservative, I can deal with, but Yankees??!?!?!

          1. Right on DJ…how freaking hard is it to be Yankee fan? They spend the most, they have the most, and if they don’t win the World Series every year…it’s considered a bad year. Mario, take the child to a Cubs’ game…that will build character.

            1. Or — and this is just a suggestion — follow the Cardinals. Better yet, the Royals! That builds strong character AND good teeth.

              1. The Kansas City Royals? Are you kidding me? Thanks to David Glass, the principle owner, this is the worst franchise in all of Baseball. Glass, a real fascist, takes the revenue monies from teams like the Yankees and Red Sox and puts it in his pocket. Under his leadership, the Royals, once a great franchise, can’t get out of their own way. Sorry, I was NYC born and raised. Grew up with Yogi and the Mick, heard stories about Joltin’ Joe and the Babe. An old friend from high School has an uncle who was the head groundskeeper at the Ballpark, and I have sat in every part of the Stadium, even in the luxury boxes. How ‘ya gonna keep ’em down at the park, after they’ve seen the Stadium?

                1. I’m trying to figure out how the conversation in this thread suddenly switched to baseball franchises.

                  1. Jay,
                    This is an all-American blog, Baseball is an all-American game, silly!
                    Plus, with 19 kids, they could start their own team!

                2. When I lived in Kansas City we won the World Series. Since I don’t follow baseball I will always associate the Royals with the win and going downtown for the tickertape parade.

                  1. Hold onto that memory. It is both beautiful and rare. I was back here pulling for the Cardinals when the Red Sox finally won their first Series in 1,000 years. I had to take in doughnuts the day of the win so that my Red Sox fan-friends would plug their pieholes with dough and I wouldn’t have to hear them chortle. Still, it was cool that the Red Sox won that year, but the Cardinals played so poorly it hurt to watch.

            2. Backing a looser does not build character, it breeds contempt for winning.
              “Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul!”
              Douglas McArthur

      2. Mario is a sick, sick man and we’re lucky to have him. Todd, I have to ask: Is being a conservative something like a birth…we don’t call them defects, do we? More like challenges?

      1. That’s ’cause they don’t. They’re rich–or would be, if they weren’t so busy repopulating the planet. Jim Bob over there’s in guvmint. They also have no debts and live in a gigantic mansion complete with indoor playground. They’re lucky enough to live in nw Arkansas, one of the fastest-growing areas of the country, which has yet to even see a recession.

  1. The baby only weighed 1 pound. Methinks it will die. Every time Michelle popped out another one, Mom always said she was eventually going to get one with some serious problem, and what was she going to do then? Even if this child lives, what’s the likelihood it won’t have some serious developmental problems from being so very premature?

  2. They do not get government money at all. (Jim Bob and Michelle own a lot of storage sites.) The house they built they primarily built themselves, and they don’t believe in debt, so they don’t have any. Plus they get money from TLC.

    Regardless of what you think about having a 19th baby, a 22 week old baby (fetus really) being born is a tragedy. This has to be an extremely hard time for them as a family, especially with a beautiful healthy grandbaby recently born. Regardless of what I think of their take on Christianity and their politics, I can only wish them peace and healing in whichever direction Josie leads them in.

    1. I second that. And amen. I meant no disrespect by posting it. We’ve been talking about the Duggars off and on for a while.

  3. Regardless of anyone’s feelings about overpopulatioon this little soul deserves a prayer from those who pray and at least a good thought from those that don’t. As tiny as she is the littlest Duggar will have a hard road ahead.

  4. As I’ve said each time we discuss this family, I have nothing but respect for them. I can’t believe it was born at 22 wks, I thought I had read 25. At 25 she might have had a chance but if it’s 22? Very, very slim. Poor tiny.

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