It’s kind of sad, isn’t it?

When a decline in the rate of job loss is heralded as good financial news?

I mean I know we have to stop going down before we go up, but man…how about for you? Seeing any signs in the recovery in your own world?

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  1. As for me, It’s a case of “figures don’t lie but liars figure.” Who knows? Most of the noise that comes out of the White House is dubious, to say the least.
    Things will get better as business finds a way to survive in this environment. For now, things look bleak. Time to start helping our neighbors.

  2. The only thing I see is at least once a week there’s some flunky from the Administration giving everybody the full Herbert….
    “Prosperity is just around the corner. We promise.”
    The economy has been depressed in Montana for so long we didn’t know about the “Recession” until we read it in the paper…..

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