When I want to procrastinate, I…

…when I want to procrastinate — as I’m doing right now, instead of writing a lesson plan for a course I’m teaching next semester — I go online. Or I start cleaning. Or I bake cookies.

And then I have to rush around later because, well, I procrastinated. But I’m kind of bored with my procratinating activities and am looking to pick up some new ones. Class? How do you kill time when you should be filling it?

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  1. I bake too.
    I surf the Net too.
    I switch to a Criminal Minds or Law & Order marathon (which is so much easier now that I’m mourning…)
    I should get back to studying…my mind needs a little break from urban sociology.

    1. I am an adjunct professor (part-time teacher) at Manchester Community College. I took a break this past semester, but I generally teach journalism ethics, newswriting, and/or intro to mass communication. This semester, I’m teaching intro to mass comm. It’s exhausting but I love it.

  2. Perfect! I hope some great ideas pop up here because I am stuck in an airport, due to catch a very delayed flight that’ll put me in another airport where I’ll have about 3 more hours to kill. There is not gift shop here so no magazines. I do have a book, but I’ve been scoping out the gang here…wondering if things get really bad, if any look like they’d be up for a game of charades. I could really use good ideas for killing time. (I’ve already counnted the 51 windows in the area.)

    1. Jac! You have plenty of time to go to the gift shop and buy us something fabulous! I could use a hoodie, myself.

    2. Jac, are you one of those people who try to save a few bucks by hopping hither and yon through obscure small airports?

      I have a friend like that. She saves a lot of money but ends up in places like Wilmington NC.

    1. My reading comprehension leaves something to be desired. I read “airport” and my mind immediately went to “presents!”

    2. I’m now sitting on the runway at the Montgomery, AL airport. We scurried over to catch a flight that was finally getting outta here and now we’re sitting. While in the airport, in the only vendor shop (a coffee shop) I had to scout out a sec guard for the poor lady working there so she could announce she was closing down. I may never leave AL! We’re sitting on an empty runway. Sorry dj, no souvies. And I looked for cherry mash, too.

      1. That is very kind of you. Have they said why they want to badly to keep you in Alabama? I mean, I’d hate to lose you but you’re a nice person and I can see why they’d try to keep you there.

      2. Hey! I live a few miles from MGM! I could have come out to meet you there! Darn!

        Yes, it’s a small airport with very limited concessions.

      3. I was talking to a guy in the airport and he said when you’re in the south, you can’t even get to hell without going thru Atlanta first. Well I made it to Atlanta so I’m free to go anywhere, I guess. Home sweet home, here I come.
        I think I’ll procrastinate by sleeping soon.

      4. “To go to Hell, you have to go through Atlanta first.”

        That’s an old saying, as ATL is the major hub for Delta. Delta shuttles to and from MGM several times a day.

        USAir has non-stops to Charlotte NC, American to DFW and there’s one other I can’t remember right now because I usually drive to BHM (hour and a half away) and fly nonstop to Baltimore. Rent a car there and go see our kids and grandkids.

        Flights in and out of MGM can be expensive. But avoiding ATL is worth it.

      5. I would love to visit Alabama again, but I’ll avoid Delta into Montgomery. Several shuttles out of Montgomery were cancelled yesterday and I may have gotten on the only one that got out of there (after battling with the guy at the gate who was trying to tell me that I didn’t have a boarding pass – after he was the one that gave me the friggin piece of paper). I didn’t get home until about 2am and then barely slept.

        My son traveled with his school group and drove up to BHM and took SW. They had much better luck with their flights.

        I saw a few sites, but most of my time was spent in Auburn U’s coliseum for a robotics competition. Dang it was cold down there!

  3. If Jac lives here permanently, she will enjoy the lowest tax burden of all 50 states.

    And yes, we do have electricity, running water and indoor plumbing. Not everywhere, though.

      1. I did bring home a jar of Dreamland BBQ sauce. I think that one was my favorite. Ever hear of that one? Come on over sometime, dj, and I’ll share some.

        1. I probably would take more than my share, but that’s very kind of you to offer. I have not heard of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not-great.

  4. My procrastination specialty is reading or napping! With Internet surfing a close 3rd.

    DJ, I love CT Community Colleges! I started my college career at Tunxis before moving on to Trinity. I think CCs are the best start for so many. Keep up the teaching!

    1. Dreamland and Jim ‘n Nick’s BBQ in Montgomery. The BBQ House in Auburn.
      What’s your favorite place, Jay?

      1. Being a Connecticut Yankee, I don’t go for BBQ very much. But Jim & Nick’s is my fave.

        I’ve eaten at the original Dreamland in Tuscaloosa, and in Birmingham. I have to say that the stacks of white bread served with the BBQ turn me off.

        I’ve not eaten at the Montgomery location. The Dreamlands around here are franchises, and I’ve heard not-so-good things about the Montgomery location.

        Were you at the Auburn-Alabama football game?

        BTW, one of the candidates for Guv is named Artur Davis. (Not Arthur, Artur.)

        If he wins the election next November, I shall be A Connecticut Yankee in King Artur’s Court.

    2. We went for chopped pork sandwiches at Dreamland and they were good. I don’t know about the stacks of white bread.

      We were at a robotics competition and Alabama Governor Bob Riley stopped in, too. He gave a short motivational speech to the crowd.

      1. Jac–

        Delta’s service into MGM has been so atrocious that earlier this year Gov. Riley called the airline president on the carpet and told him that the poor service was hurting the state’s economy.

        Of course, this was widely reported in the state’s newspapers. Delta improved, but they still send dinky little wind-up toy planes into MGM. And baggage handling takes a long, long time even though it’s a matter of a few feet from the plane to the baggage facility. Sometimes your baggage isn’t even on the same plane!

        BHM is a larger facility with more amenities. Nonstops into BWI in just two hours–that works for me!

        I use a Southwest credit card and often build up enough Rapid Rewards credits to get a free flight anywhere in the SWA system.

      2. My son took SW with the rest of his team and although he was due to arrive in CT a few hours after me, he ended up arriving hours before me. It’s too bad service is so lousy. I did see people complaining about not getting their luggage. The workers at the counter had to help find luggage which didn’t make the 25-ish people in line very happy. Finally, they gave up and dragged the customers through the “Restricted Airline personnel only” door to go back in there to look for luggage. I think there were only about 3 Delta employees and they were doing everything.

  5. Okay……
    My problem is I’m easily……
    ………wait a minute……..
    I have to take of this one thing….
    ……….and then I’m on it…….

    1. Yep. The plant needs watering. Wow. The plant has bugs in it. Bugs. Bugs…what kind of bugs are these? I bet I can find a photo online and id these bugs. Online. Did I remember to change my password for my bank? What IS my password? What is my bank? Oh, look! A chicken. Wonder what Jac’s doing…

        1. So long as we have the same Crafts Hour, I’m cool with that. But you can’t hog the remote at TV Time.

      1. Speaking of chicken, I did not try BBQ chicken while in Alabama. Did I mention that I’d like to raise chickens someday? For the eggs? So, if I’m gonna try good Alabama BBQ’d chicken I should do that soon. I won’t want to eat chicken once I start raising the little guys. I should look up a recipe…online. So many dang recipes. Speaking of recipes….I’ve got to make a dinner for a recovering friend tomorrow. What should I make? Look, dj, another chicken… dancing to Burning Down the House. I hope there’s plenty of room on that ward….

  6. Ah…Crafts Hour…..
    A delicate discourse on the existential interrelation between basket weaving and macrame.
    A delightful demonstration on the benefits of chalk versus crayon. (I still dig crayon. You can’t melt chalk. Chew, yes…melt, no.)
    The perfect opportunity to show off my lint ball. (Why do they always come out blue?) And ….
    ….wait a minute….
    Where’s the remote.
    Star Trek’s on. Next Generation.
    Red Alert!

      1. Unreal.
        He does that with Chalk?
        The anamorphic is unbelievable.
        Chalk does rule…..and it might be a way to get them to let me go outside……
        …as soon as Star Trek is over.

    1. And then? It’s go time, buster. I have already fought (and won) this battle outside the ward. I will win again.

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