Today, God called Bro. Oral Roberts home

Bro. Roberts once said God would call him home if he didn’t meet a fundraising goal, and now, I guess God took him up on it.

Condolences to his family, his friends, and his followers. For those of us who grew up around Oklahoma, this is like saying goodbye to Billy Graham. He was our Pentecostal Billy Graham, minus the presidential audiences and the ecumenicalism. He was a faith-healing, Bible-banging firebrand in his day.

To read more on Roberts, go here or here

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  1. I was hoping you’d take note of this event. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, he believed he was going to a Better Place. On the other hand, his absence may make This Place fractionally better. (But not really. Someone will step up to fill the void.)

    1. I remember listening to him on the radio (one set of grandparents were Pentecostal) and being a little frightened of him.

    1. And he’s crying out, “Jesus H. Christ, you’re tall!”
      [again, awaiting the lightning bolt…]

          1. I always wondered about that. It’ll be one less thing kicking around in my brain at night while I’m trying to sleep.

        1. Mario’s right, I’m wrong. Jesus Howard Christ is correct. God told me this morning. Thank you, Mario.

          1. I’m sorry, but it not Howard, but Harold.

            “Harold, be thy name”
            “Hark, hear Harold’s angels sing”

  2. One of the finest minutes in the two-hour “The People Speak” on the History Channel last night, was Kerry Washington’s reading of Sojourner Truth’s “Ain’t I A Woman” speech.

    “Then that little man in black there, he says women can’t have as much rights as men, ’cause Christ wasn’t a woman! Where did your Christ come from? Where did your Christ come from? From God and a woman! Man had nothing to do with Him.”

    I hope Pastor Robert’s 900-foot tall Jesus is merciful to him.

  3. I knew a girl once who had a hamster she named Oral Roberts because he would go up into his prayer tower (Oral the Hamster lived in a habitrail thing.)

    1. Oral the Hamster is a beautiful tribute. I had a friend who named her dogs after her old boyfriends. I thought that was creative, too. For what it’s worth: I saw the Prayer Tower a few times.

  4. Don’t forget the SNL skit that played on Oral’s 20million dollar extortion “God will take me home” attempt. Charlton Heston was the Almighty Host that Oral met face-to-face.

    1. Humphrey, were you in the area when Bro. Roberts made that plea for real? My brothers and I were and I remember we just started cracking up.

        1. I went to a Neil Diamond concert at ORU and put my hand on the prayer tower in order to perhaps feel…something…I didn’t.

  5. I forgive you, Oral, for replacing the Warner Bros. Cartoon and Three Stooges hour I used to watch on Sunday mornings when I was young.
    Just in case Somebody asks.

      1. I remember writing a rather terse letter to the TV station at the time, so the SOL would have started ticking then. Probably expired by now.
        Besides, I’m not bitter….much…….

        1. This gives me an idea for a new Blog Entry. I’m still mad about stuff that happened decades ago. I’m dragging it around like a tail. I think you’re probably kidding about Oral Roberts, but I’m dead-serious about still being mad about…about…well, I forget what, especially, but I am mad.

    1. Leftover, forgiving Bro. Oral for interrupting your cartoons and “Three Stooges” is really powerful. I applaud you.

  6. Vegas, it seems you missed me…or at least noticed my absence. I’ve been around, lurking occasionally. Just really too busy to do or say much.

    A good friend of mine had a near-death experience while facing numerous other challenges, so I have been spent much of my free time working to make him laugh his sorry ass off at my wicked, irreverent jokes.

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