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      1. His boyish appearance. Plus, there are a number of ways to configure his name:

        Troy the Boy.

        Troy, the boy king.

        Troy Boy, king

        Right now he’s feuding with the Guv’nah about whether gambling machines are legal. Guv is against anything that looks, smells or feels like a slot machine. The Boy says that some of them are actually bingo machines. It’s going through the court system right now.

        1. This is fascinating, but I still love me my Sen. Joe “Droopy Dog” Lieberman for fun and profit.

          1. Remember the Charles Durning character in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas?
            I do… every time I see Droopy in the news.
            He’s thinking of running Republican in 2012.
            (And on the subject of Droopy, or Mrs. Droopy, I’ve been wondering what everyone thinks of this.
            It’s been getting a little steam as of yesterday.
            I’m not happy about it.
            But I’m rarely happy with Hamsher’s tactics…or her politics…or….
            But that’s another topic altogether.)

            1. Mrs. Droopy has been in the news back here, but then, we would pay attention to that kind of thing as He’s Our Senator.

  1. P.S. Troy also hates homosexuality, but has given a male staffer straight out of law school some questionable pay raises.

    Google up “Loretta Nall inflatable pig” to learn what one woman sent him, and why.

      1. That’s Alabama politics for you.

        A few years back, the guy presiding over the state Senate reached under the table and used a jug. He was afraid that if he left the room, the Democrats would take over. I am not making this up.

        1. Is this for real? I’m having a hard time not laughing here, unless the guy has lost his mind or something. Is the man next to him worried he’ll get peed on? Oh, wait. He just got up and left. Maybe not. Nope. He’s back.

          1. Yes, it is for real. He really did it.

            The state Archives wanted the jug, but Mr. Windom had already thrown it away.

            He is now a lobbyist. That means he gets to shake hands with a lot of legislators. Urg.

  2. Please, one of my senators had his PARENTS pay off his mistress and our governor is getting a divorce after sending a billion text messages to his mistress on a state phone (Both have nicer hair than Harry though. I suppose that counts for something.)

    1. I have two words for you, Carol, in regard to your politicians (though I remember reading about the parents paying off the mistress, which was sad on so many levels): Joe Lieberman. I rest my case. Oh, wait: Chris Dodd. Now I rest my case. Four words.

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